PlayStation Error Code 8002A537: How to Fix

PlayStation Error Code 8002A537

PlayStation is a gaming console that allows you to enjoy high-speed gaming with an excellent graphic interface. But few errors cause a real problem that prevents them from playing games. Currently, players are reporting PlayStation Error Code 8002A537. This error occurs when the user logs out from the PSN account that they are using while playing games. If you are the one who faces this error, check out this article to fix the error code.

How to Fix PlayStation Error Code 8002A537

  • Check Internet Connection
  • Restart the PS System
  • Restore Default Settings
  • Rebuild Database
  • Update PlayStation
  • Contact PlayStation Support

#1: Check Internet Connection

Poor internet connection may also cause the 8002A537 Playstation Error Code. So, check whether your internet connection is properly working or not. If so, then troubleshoot it and try again.

#2: Restart the PS Console

Sometimes the errors may be due to a temporary malfunction in your devices. So you need to restart your PS console and try signing in again. Follow the below step to restart your PlayStation system.

[1] Press and hold the Power button on the console for 10 seconds or until it has shut down.

[2] Release the Power button. And keep the device in idle condition.

[3] Press and hold the Power button again until you hear two short beeps.

[4] Enter into PS System Settings and click Restart System.

PlayStation Error Code 8002A537 - Restart System

[5] Wait till your console gets restarted.

[6] Once done, signin with your PSN account.

#3: Restore Default Settings

When you face this error code 8002A537 on your PS console, try restoring it to default settings. It will restore your console to system defaults and removes your account information.

[1] Initially, turn off your PS by pressing the power button.

[2] Wait for a few seconds and press the PS button on the controller to start your PlayStation in Safe Mode. 

[3] Press the button to open the System menu.

[4] Select System Settings and click Backup and restore.

[5] Now, select Restore Default Settings and click Yes to restore it.

PlayStation Error Code 8002A537 - Restore default settings

[6] Finally, restart your device and signin to your PSN account.

#4: Rebuilt Database

[1] Open the System Settings menu on your console.

[2] Click System Software Update.

[3] Select Rebuilt system database and follow the on-screen instructions.

PlayStation Error Code 8002A537 - Rebuilt database

Rebuilding the database will delete all your old messages, playlists, custom changes, video playback/resume history, thumbnails, and more.

#5: Update PlayStation

Accessing the outdated version of your device will also be the reason to get Error Code 8002A537. So, check whether there is any new update available. If so, update your PlayStation console.

#6: Contact PlayStation Support

When none of the above methods fixes the error code, then you can contact the PlayStation help center. They will help you to fix the issue error.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PlayStation Error Code 8002A537?

PlayStation Error Code 8002A537 occurs when the user logs out from the PSN account.

2. Why does my PS3 says an error has occurred?

The error may indicate that your PS3 has corrupted files.