How to Install Pluto TV on Roku [Updated 2023]

Pluto TV on Roku

Pluto TV is available on the Roku Channel Store and you can add it directly to your device. With Pluto TV on Roku, you can stream more than 250+ live TV channels including MTV, NBC, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, CBS, CNN, etc. Pluto TV also offers various on-demand content along with a huge library of movies as well. You can stream all the content for free on your device with commercial breaks. Once the Pluto TV channel is installed on your Roku, you can start streaming the content.

Pluto TV on Roku

The Pluto TV app is officially available on the Channel Store. So you can download and install the app for free.

How to Install Pluto TV on Roku?

Follow the steps below to install Pluto TV on your device.

1). Connect Roku to the HDMI port of the TV and check whether it is connected to the internet.

2). Press the home button to get the Roku home screen.

Roku Home screen

3). On the home screen, choose the Streaming Channels section.

Search in Roku

4). Then choose the Search Channels.

5). Hover over the Search bar and type Pluto TV.

Search Pluto TV on Roku

6). Choose Pluto TV from the search results.

7). On the app info section, click on the Add channel option.

The app will download and get installed on your device. You can start streaming the content for free.

Do I Need to Activate Pluto TV?

As Pluto TV is available for free, you can start watching the content without logging in. If you still wish to activate Pluto TV, then you can follow the below method:

1). Open the Pluto TV app on your device.

2). Now log in to your account.

3). An activation code appears. Note it down.

4). Go to the Pluto Activation website ( from any other device’s web browser.

5). Enter the activation code and select your device.

6). On a successful attempt, your Roku will refresh and start loading the contents.

Alternative Ways to Install Pluto TV

You can also install the app from the channel store as well.

Install Using Roku Channel Store

You can also add the Pluto TV to your device from the Channel Store site on your PC or smartphone.

1). Go to the Roku Channel Store site,, on any web browser.

2). Log in to your Roku account if necessary.

3). Search for Pluto TV.

Pluto TV on Roku Channel Store

4). Choose the app from the search results.

5). Click on the Add Channel option.

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Is Pluto TV really free on Roku?

Yes, you can watch all the video content for free. But, you will get ads while streaming.

Do I need a subscription to use Pluto TV?

No, you can start streaming the content immediately after installing the app on Roku.

Does Pluto TV on Roku have commercials?

Yes, Pluto TV runs commercials. You will get commercials when you are streaming content on Pluto TV.