How to Install Popcorn Time for TiVo Stream 4K [Guide]

Popcorn Time for TiVo Stream

Popcorn time is an alternative to subscription-based streaming services. There are thousands of movies and TV shows available in Popcorn Time. It is an integrated media player. TiVo stream 4K allows you to watch the media contents from your favorite streaming apps. But surprisingly, Popcorn Time is not available for TiVo Stream. Now let’s learn how to sideload Popcorn Time for TiVo Stream 4K.

Some of the streaming apps in TiVo Stream are Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+ are available as pre-installed apps. When you want to install the other apps for TiVo Stream, you can use the Play Store or Downloader.

How to Sideload Popcorn Time for TiVo Stream 4K

1) From the TiVo home screen, go to Apps and select Google Play Store.

2) Click on the Search bar and type Downloader.

type downloader to install popcorn time for TiVo stream

3) Then, select the Downloader by AFTV news from the results shown.

4) Next, click on Install to install the Downloader app on TiVo Stream 4K.

install downloader to install popcorn time for TiVo stream

5) Once installed, select Settings.

Click on settings to find downloader app

6) Click on the Devices Preferences option.

7) Next, select Security and Restrictions and then enable the Unknown Sources option.

8) Now, open the Downloader app.

9) Once launched, click on the Browser section.

10) In that, enter the download Popcorn Time URL and click on Go.

enter the URL to download Popcorn Time for TiVo stream

11) Once downloaded, click on Install to install Popcorn Time on TiVo Stream.

12) Then, click on Open to launch the Popcorn Time app.

13) Now, sign in with your Popcorn account and watch the media contents from Popcorn Time.

How to Cast Popcorn Time App on TiVo Stream 4K

1) Visit URL and download the Android apk on your smartphone.

download the android app

2) Then, install the Popcorn Time apk file on your Android smartphone.

3) Wait for some time, the database will load into the interface of the app.

wait for the interface loading

4) Click on Accept to accept the Terms and Conditions.

Accept the terms and conditions

5) Then, you can select the movie or TV show from the list that you want to watch.

6) Now, connect your smartphone to the same WIFI network as your TiVo Stream 4K is connected to.

7) Click the Cast icon on the playback screen. If the Cast icon is not available, go to Notification Panel and tap the Cast icon.

80 Then, choose your TiVo Stream 4K device from the list.

8) Finally, you are able to watch Popcorn Time media content on your TiVo Stream 4K.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Popcorn Time safe?

Yes, Popcorn Time is a safe streaming app. But, as a precautionary measure, use any VPN.

2. How do I watch Popcorn Time without downloading?

You can use the Popcorn Time website to stream its content.