How to Fix WS-37397-9 PlayStation 4 Error Code

WS-37397-9 PlayStation Error Code

WS-37397-9 is an error code on PlayStation 4 that occurs due to poor internet connection. This error code is specific to PS4 consoles alone. When your PS4 is having any internet or WiFi issues, you will get this error code. In addition to that, the WS-37397-9 PlayStation 4 error code will appear when your IP address has been blocked for violating the PlayStation Network’s terms and conditions. Here are some troubleshooting fixes you can try to solve the error code.

Why WS-37397-9 PlayStation Error Code Appears

  • Issues with PlayStation Network.
  • Violation of PlayStation Terms of Service and User Agreement.
  • Virus threats in the console.
  • Issues with your ISP

How to Resolve WS-37397-9 PlayStation Error Code

#1: Check Your PS4 Network Status


The first step that you need to do is check the status of the PlayStation Network. Visit and see if the PSN is online. If it is in green, it means that the network status works fine and you can try the next steps. If there is a PSN issue, then you need to wait until it gets fixed.

#2: Rebuild Database

Most of the PS4 issues will be fixed when you rebuild the database. If you are not sure how to use this feature, follow the below guidelines.

[1] You need to turn off the PS4 by pressing the Power button.

[2] Then, press and hold the Power button and you will hear the two beep sounds, which will boot your PS4 to Safe Mode.

[3] Using the USB cable, connect the PS4 controller to the console and press the PS button.

[4] From the listed option, choose the Rebuild Database option.

WS-37397-9 PlayStation Error Code - choose Rebuilt Database

[5] Wait for a few minutes for the process to get complete. Once done, turn on the PS4 console and check if the error code still appears.

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#3: Use Google DNS

This is another effective solution to fix the problem. Simply follow the below steps to do.

[1] Launch the PS4 Settings and navigate to the Network option.

[2] Next, select Set Up Internet connection.

select Set Up Internet connection.

[3] Choose Use WiFi or Use LAN cable depending on the router,

Choose Use WiFi or Use LAN cable

[4] In the upcoming screen, click on the Custom option.

WS-37397-9 PlayStation Error Code- click Custom option

[5] Enter the following parameters.

  • IP Address Setting: Automatic DHCP
  • Host Name: Do Not Specify
  • DNS Settings: Manual
  • Primary DNS: 8.8.8
  • Secondary DNS: 8.4.4
  • MTU Settings: Automatic
  • Proxy Server: Do Not Use

[6] Once done, check whether the WS-37397-9 PlayStation $ error code is fixed or not.

#4: Change IP Address

When your IP address is blocked by the PlayStation Network, then you will face the WS-37397-9 PlayStation error message. In this case, you can change your IP address to the new one. To change it, follow the below instructions

  • The easiest way to change the IP address is to change your router or modem.
  • Contact your IPS provider and request them to change your IP address.
  • In case if the ISP offers dynamic IPs, then wait for a few days to reconnect.

You can also try restarting your router. Just turn off the router and turn it on after 2-3 minutes. This may sometimes help to solve the error issue.


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When you get WS-37469-9 on PS4, simply restart your router and also check your PSN server.

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