Roku won’t connect to the Internet: Solutions and Fixes

Roku won't connect to the Internet

Streaming devices are becoming popular in today’s world. Like smartphones, streaming devices are also getting yearly updates. Recently, Roku launched a new streaming device, namely Roku Express 4K and Roku Express 4K+. However, the new device is, it will have some minor issues. Like Roku won’t connect to the internet, buffer issues, and so on. These Roku issues are minor and can be solved without breaking any sweat.

Among all the common issues in Roku, connecting to the internet is the issue experienced by most of the users. If you are one of them, we have all the possible fixes for your issue.

Why Roku won’t connect to the internet?

Roku will not connect to the internet for various reasons. You can see two different messages on the screen stating “Unable to Connect to Wireless Network” or “Not connected to the internet.” Without the internet, you can’t use your Roku device to its full potential.

  • When you try to connect to the internet for initial setup, you will get the below image.
Roku Won't Connect to Internet
  • This screen will appear when you have provided your WiFi network name and password and the Roku is trying to connect to the network.
  • If you are trying to launch a channel and the internet connection is lost, then the following error will pop up.
Roku Won't Connect to Internet
  • If the connection is lost while playing, then the following screen will appear.
Roku Won't Connect to Internet

Fixes and Solutions for Roku won’t connect to the Internet

  • Fix 1: Check Internet Connection: You need to perform a two-part test to check the internet connection. Go to Settings –> Network –> Check Connection. The first part will check for connection to a home network and tests the signal quality. Then the second part will check whether you are connected to the internet and measures the speed of the connection. After the diagnosis, on-screen prompts instructions will appear to resolve the issues.
  • Fix 2: Enter the correct name for your wireless network: Make sure that you are connected to the correct internet connection. If not, disconnect the device and connect it to the internet once again.
  • Fix 3: Enter the password correctly: Ensure that you have connected to the network with the correct password. The passwords are case-sensitive, and make sure you entered the password correctly.
  • Fix 4: Check whether your router is working properly: Sometimes, the problem may be with the WiFi router. So check whether the router is working properly. If not, restart your router.
  • Fix 5: Improve the wireless signal strength: Roku may not be able to connect to the internet because there may be many obstacles to the router. Place the router beside the Roku device.
  • Fix 6: Restart the Roku device: Go to the Settings –> System –> System Restart. On Roku TV, you may need to go to Settings > System > Power > System Restart.
  • Fix 7: Update Roku to Latest Version: Sometimes Roku firmware may be out of date, so the device may bring some issues. In such cases, update the Roku device to the latest version. Go to Settings –> System –> System Update –> Check Now button.
  • Fix 8: Reset Roku to Factory Defaults: This will be your last resort option to fix your Roku device. Go to Settings –> System –> Advanced System Settings –> Factory Reset.


1. How do I manually connect Roku to WiFi?

Check our detailed guide on how to connect Roku to WiFi with detailed guidelines.

2. Does Roku have built-in WiFi?

No, the Roku device doesn’t have built-in WiFi.