How to Add and Stream Rumble on Roku TV Quickly

Rumble on Roku

Rumble is a booming platform that has been becoming popular. It is a Canadian-based video streaming platform like YouTube developed by Chris Pavlovski in 2013. Currently, this platform has around 80 million users. Like YouTube, the users can create and upload their videos on Rumble. It also allows the creators to earn through videos. YouTube only shares 15% of ad revenue with its users. But, Rumble shares 60% of ad revenue with its users. Compared to YouTube and other platforms, Rumble helps the users to earn more money. Like YouTube, it has filter options to shortlist the videos. Installing Rumble on Roku is a super easy process that can be done in minutes.

Streaming Rumble videos on a larger screen enhance the viewing experience. The users can directly download the app from Roku App Store. You can indirectly add the Rumble app on a Roku device by using the Roku App or Roku Channel Store from a browser. In addition to this, you can also screen mirror Rumble to the Roku device using your smartphone.

How to Add Rumble on Roku Device

1) Press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2) Look for the option Streaming Channels and select it.

Streaming Channel

3) Scroll down and click the Search Channels option.

Tap Search Channels

4) Type Rumble using the on-screen keyboard.

5) Tap the Rumble app from the search result. Click Add Channel to install the app on your Roku device.

Click Add channel to get Rumble on Roku

6) Tap OK to confirm the installation process.

7) Now, open the rumble app on your Roku device and start streaming videos.

Rumble on Roku

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How to Get Rumble on Roku Device using the Roku App

1) Before referring to these steps, ensure that the Roku account you’re using on the Roku device and Roku App is the same.

2) Open your Smartphone and install the Rumble app from Play Store or App Store.

3) Select the Channels option.

4) Tap the Channel Store tab.

Look for Rumble app on Roku app and select it

5) Locate and select the Rumble app. You can also search for the Rumble app easily on the search bar.

6) Click Add Channel to install the app.

7) As you’re using the same Roku account for the app and device, the rumble app automatically syncs with your Roku device.

8) Refresh the device, Open the Rumblvideo e app and watch your favorite videos.

How to Screen Mirror Rumble App on Roku

Make sure to download the Rumble app on your Android Smartphone before following the steps listed below.

1) On the Roku TV home screen, go to Settings.

2) Navigate to the System and tap Screen Mirroring.

3) Enable Screen Mirroring.

Enable Screen Mirroring

4) Open the Notification Panel of your Android phone.

5) Tap the Cast icon. Otherwise, navigate to Settings and click Cast.

Tap Cast icon

6) Select the name of your Roku device.

7) Now, you’ll see the Android phone screen on Roku TV.

8) Open the app and play your desired Rumble movie or video to watch the same on a larger screen.

Rumble on Roku (2)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the Rumble app available on Roku?

Yes! The Rumble app is available on Roku. You can download the app directly from the Roku store.

2) Is Rumble free on Roku?

Yes! Rumble app is free to use on Roku.

3) Is YouTube and Rumble are same?

Both the platforms are designed to stream videos. But, each platform has its functionality.