How to Get Shazam on Roku [Easy Ways]

Shazam is a music-identifying app that identifies and discovers the name of the song. Just in a matter of seconds, the app will identify the song and give you the details of artists, lyrics, videos. It even works fine offline. The Shazam app shows the notifications and pop-ups to see lyrics in other apps. You can find the Shazam app on multiple devices, including your iOS and Android devices. In this article, you will find all the ways to stream Shazam on Roku.

Shazam has dedicated apps for Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, the Roku Channel Store doesn’t feature Shazam. Therefore, to watch Shazam on your Roku device, you will have to cast it to your Roku from your Smartphone or PC.

How to Get Shazam on Roku

The procedure to get Shazam on Roku is a little tricky as it isn’t officially available. So, you shall need to proceed with the screen mirroring method to stream Shazam on your device.

Pre-Requisite: Activate Screen Mirroring on Roku

[1] Make sure your Roku device has an active internet connection.

[2] Using the Home button on your remote, go to the home screen.

[3] Then, choose the Settings option and select the System option.

Choose Settings

[4] Select the Screen mirroring option and then go to the Screen mirroring Mode option.

[5] Choose the Prompt option.

[6] Set the Screen mirroring mode to Prompt or Always allow.

Choose Prompt

Cast Shazam to Roku from your Android Device

[1] Connect your smartphone and your Roku device to the same WiFi connection.

[2] Install the Shazam app on your Android device.

[3] Open the Shazam app on your smartphone and login into your Shazam account.

[4] Then, open the Notification Panel on your Android device and click on the Cast icon.

Cast Shazam on Roku

[5] From the list of available devices, you need to select your Roku device.

[6] Your Roku TV screen shows a pop-up requesting permission to cast from your Android device. Click on the Allow option.

[7] Now, play the song you want to watch and it will be cast to your Roku device.

Stream Shazam on Roku

How to Cast Shazam to Roku from PC

[1] Connect your PC and Roku device to the same WiFi network.

[2] Right-click on your desktop, and select the Display settings option.

[3] Now, click on the Connect to a Wireless Display option in the Display Settings window.

Click Connect to a Wireless Display

[4] Select your Roku device to go ahead with screen mirroring.

[5] On your Roku TV screen, select the Allow option in the pop-up to allow your PC to cast.

[6] Once the connection is established, visit the Shazam official website from your browser.

[7] Log in to your Shazam account and watch your favorite music video on your Roku TV.

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1. Is Shazam a free app?

Yes, the Shazam app is completely free to use.

2. Can you get Shazam on TV?

Yes, you can. Just download the Shaam app on your smartphone or PC and screen mirror the content to your TV.