How to Add, Activate, & Watch SHOWTIME on Firestick

SHOWTIME on Firestick

SHOWTIME is one of the popular streaming platforms in the USA. The contents in the platform include the latest released movies, original movies and series, comedy specials, boxing, and mixed martial arts. It is the best app to get all the trending content as it includes all the categories. It is a subscription-based service, and you don’t need to rely on a cable TV subscription. Started as a cable TV channel, SHOWTIME has an app for all smartphones and streaming devices. You can install both SHOWTIME and SHOWTIME Anytime on Firestick as both the apps are available on the Amazon App Store.

You can just search for the app and install it on your Firestick. So, you don’t need any third-party apps like Downloader to install the app. As of now, you need to activate the app on your Firestick. It is to note that the SHOWTIME Anytime app doesn’t have login support on the Fire TV.


It offers two types of streaming services: Subscription-based and TV provider-based.

  • SHOWTIME is a standalone subscription app. You need to buy the subscription from the SHOWTIME website. It costs $10.99 per month with a 7-day free trial.
  • On the other hand, SHOWTIME Anytime is a TV anywhere app. You can use your TV provider credentials to access the app. You don’t need to buy any subscription for the SHOWTIME Anytime app. The contents available on both apps are the same.

How to Install SHOWTIME on Firestick

Quick Start Guide: Go to Fire TV home >> select Find menu and select Search tile >> type as SHOWTIME >> select the app >> click Get >> select Open.

(1) Turn on your Firestick and wait until the home screen appears. Navigate to click on the Find menu to select the Search tile.

Find menu

(2) The on-screen keyboard will appear. Type SHOWTIME or SHOWTIME Anytime.

Search for Showtime

(3) Select the app under the Apps & Games category.

Select Showtime

(4) On the next screen, click the Get icon or the Download icon to download the app.

Download Showtime

(5) After the app is downloaded, click the Open icon to run the SHOWTIME Anytime app or SHOWTIME PPV on Firestick.

SHOWTIME on Firestick

How to Activate SHOWTIME Anytime on Firestick

The subscription-based SHOWTIME app doesn’t need activation. You can sign in with your subscribed account. But for the SHOWTIME Anytime, you need to activate the app on the website to use it on Firestick. To do so,

(1) Open the SHOWTIME Anytime app on your Fire TV Stick.

(2) Click the Activate button on the app.

(3) It will show you the activation code.

(4) Go to the SHOWTIME Anytime activation website ( on your smartphone or PC.

(5) Enter the activation code on the specified area and click the Submit button.

Enter the Activation Code

(6) When it is activated, you will get the success message. Then, your SHOWTIME Anytime app’s content will appear on your Fire TV stick.

Alternative Method: How to Watch SHOWTIME on Firestick for Free

Fire TV users can install SHOWTIME on Fire TV from the Amazon website.

(1) Launch the web browser of your choice on your phone/PC.

(2) Enter the Amazon account login details as your Fire TV.

(3) On the search bar, type SHOWTIME and search for it.

(4) Select the SHOWTIME app on Firestick when you get the search result.

(5) Click on the Get option to start downloading it on your Fire TV.

(6) Now, refresh your Fire TV Screen, and you will find SHOWTIME added to it.

That was all about installing the SHOWTIME or SHOWTIME Anytime app on your Firestick. Activate the SHOWTIME Anytime app and get access to all the latest movies and original series. Use your Amazon Prime subscription to access the SHOWTIME Anytime app for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get SHOWTIME on Firestick?

Yes. It is officially available, and you can get it on your Fire TV.

Is SHOWTIME Anytime free with Amazon Prime?

Yes, SHOWTIME Anytime is available for free with Amazon Prime subscription. You can use your Amazon Prime subscription to use the SHOWTIME Anytime on your Firestick.

How do I activate SHOWTIME Anytime on my Fire TV Stick?

You can use the SHOWTIME Anytime activation website,, to activate the app.

How to watch SHOWTIME PPV on Firestick?

You can install the SHOWTIME app on your Fire TV stick and get the SHOWTIME Bundle subscription to stream PPV on Firestick at $10.99/month. Visit to find out about the upcoming PPV events.

How to cancel SHOWTIME on Firestick?

To cancel the SHOWTIME subscription on Firestick, you shall go to Amazon App Store >> open the menu >> select Subscriptions >> choose SHOWTIME >> click Cancel Subscription.

How to get SHOWTIME on Firestick for free?

SHOWTIME offers a free trial and after which you need to get its subscription.

How much is SHOWTIME on Firestick?

SHOWTIME subscription costs $10.99/month.

Can I stream SHOWTIME without cable?

Yes. You can stream SHOWTIME without a cable subscription using DirecTV Stream and Sling TV.

Can I download SHOWTIME APK on Firestick?

Yes. However, you need to sideload the SHOWTIME APK on Fire TV using the Downloader app on Firestick.