How to Sideload Apps on TiVo Stream 4K using Downloader

downloader on tivo stream 4k

TiVo Stream 4K is the most comfortable and brilliant media streaming platform for entertainment. It is often exhausting and inconvenient for other media streamers to go through all the apps to find interesting contents to watch. Unlike other streamers, TiVo stream recommends you all the popular shows and series on different apps to choose from. This makes TiVo Stream comfortable for the users. Now, get nearly 5000 apps from the Play Store, including Disney+, Netflix, and HBO Max on TiVo Stream. In addition, it comes with Google Assistant’s help to keep you more comfortable. Let’s see how to use downloader on TiVo Stream 4K to sideload apps.

Sideload Apps on TiVo Stream 4K

Why do you need Downloader on TiVo Stream 4K?

TiVo Stream includes a total of 5000 apps for the latest TV shows, movies, and music. To name a few, it supports YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max, CBS, ESPN, and Disney+. On the other hand, TiVo Stream needs the Downloader app to install third-party applications. In other words, certain apps need sideloading using the Downloader application on TiVo Stream.

On the other hand, TiVo Stream restricts users from using these third-party applications. The official app-distribution method blocks the side-loading of unverified applications. Hence, a VPN is advised to be installed.

Downloader app

Features of the Downloader App

The downloader app has different sections like Home, Browser, Files, Favorites, Settings, and Help sections. The Home and Browser sections help you to download and install new apps. The Favorites tab is very similar to a Computer Browser that helps in downloading apps and updating APKs.   


How to Install Downloader on TiVo Stream 4K

The Downloader app can be installed on TiVo Stream to sideload apps by following these simple steps.

Step 1: From the home screen, select ‘Google Play Store’.

Step 2: Click on the search bar and search for ‘Downloader’ or ‘AFTV news’.

Step 3: Next, select ‘Downloader by AFTV news’ from the search results.

Step 4: Click on ‘Install’ and wait for the installation to finish.

Sideload Apps on TiVo Stream 4K

Step 5: Now, come back to your home screen and select the Settings option.

Step 6: Click on the ‘Device Preferences’ option.

Step 7: Next, select ‘Security and Restrictions’ and then the Unknown sources option.

Step 8: On this screen, find and select ‘Downloader’.

Finally, this will let your device side-load apps through the Downloader app.

Installing Apps on TiVo Stream 4K using Downloader

With the installation of the Downloader app, it is easy to download apps from other sources. Let us look into the various methods to accomplish this.

In the Browser section of the Downloader app, type the URL to the webpage of the app. Next, click on the app and then the ‘Download’ option.

However, by entering the direct link of the app, you can download and install it.

Sideload Apps on TiVo Stream 4K

With this, we have added the Downloader app to sideload apps to TiVo Stream 4K. However, it is advised to use a proper VPN like NordVPN on TiVo Stream 4K when you download third-party sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you download apps on TiVo?

Yes, the TiVo stream provides over 5000 apps that can be downloaded in its app store. Further, apps can be sideloaded in the TiVo stream.

2. Can I download Disney plus on TiVo?

Yes, download and enjoy watching Disney+ with super 4K quality on your TiVo, TV, and other devices.