How to Stream Spectrum TV on Roku [Quick Guide]

Spectrum TV on Roku

Spectrum is merely a TV service provider that comes with 250+ channels, 30000+ TV shows, and series based on the subscription to its users. Spectrum also has its own version of the TV application. That will help you to enjoy the video contents on the go. Spectrum TV packages come up with various features like Free HD streamings along with an on-screen TV guide, Children’s control, and more. Roku, as we all already know, is a streaming device that got its own Roku operating system. So many TV application should have native support to stream using Roku. In the case of Spectrum TV, it does has its own version for Roku.

Spectrum TV Subscription

Spectrum comes with subscriptions, and they do offer different packages based on the needs of the customers. The following are a few basic packages.

  • Select – $44.99/month for 12 months comes with 125+ channels.
  • Double Play Silver – $114.98/month for 12 months comes with 175+ channels.
  • Triple Player Silver – $124.97/month for 12 months comes with 175+ channels.

How to Stream Spectrum TV on Roku

As said earlier, Spectrum TV has native Roku support. This means you can download and install Spectrum TV from the Roku Channel Store easily. You don’t have to worry about Screen mirroring or casting or Airplay stuff.

Step 1: Set up Roku

  • Connect your Roku device to your TV either using the HDMI port or USB port.
  • Now connect your Roku to Ethernet and to a power source.
  • In the case of the Streaming Stick, you can connect to a WiFi Network.
  • Turn on the Roku device, and you are done Setting up the Roku device.

Step 2: Add Spectrum to your Roku

Spectrum TV on Roku

Now with the help of your Roku remote, by pressing the Home button. Now scroll up or down to spot Streaming Channels. And go to Channel Store, which will have tabs like Featured, New, Popular channels. Hover to the Search icon and open it.

Spectrum TV on Roku

In the Address bar, type the Spectrum with the help of Remote and toggling in the on-screen keyboard. Now from the suggestion, choose the Spectrum TV app. Press OK to explore the channel. Now click the Add channel.

Add channel button

You can click the Go to channel button once the installation finishes. Simultaneously, you can open from the home screen as the channel will be on the home screen. After installation, you can sign in using a virtual keyboard. And that’s it, you are done.

Go to channel button


  • The channels you can access varies based on your subscription and the location you are in.
  • In the Roku app, you don’t have an option to enjoy the Pay per view.
  • Parental control even affects the channels you could view.

Spectrum and Roku

If the Spectrum app is not working on Roku or having some issues on the Spectrum app, there a specific reason for it. On Dec 11, 2020, the agreement on Roku and Spectrum was expired. Due to this, the Spectrum TV app is removed from the Roku Channel Store. After Dec 12, you can’t download and install the Spectrum app on Roku. But, if you install the app before Dec 10, you can still access the app. But, if you mistakenly deleted or uninstalled the Spectrum app, you are out of luck. If you can’t find the Spectrum app on Roku, this is the reason for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Spectrum TV free on Roku?

You can install the Spectrum TV on Roku for free. But to access the video content, you have to buy the Spectrum TV subscription.

2. Did Roku drop Spectrum?

Yes, as of Dec 14 2020, the Spectrum app is no longer available on the Roku Channel Store.