Top 5 Streaming Services for College Students

Streaming Services

College students are faced with tedious school activities, sports, extracurricular activities, and others. “All day work without play makes Jack a dull boy” you have to entertain yourself; watch movies or stream songs via cable or streaming platforms.

The amount charged by cable for subscriptions is very high, which is not ideal or economical to be used or subscribed to by a typical college student.

The life of a college student demands frugal spending; you live on a very tight budget, clothing, meal, book, transportation, and others take a large amount of your monthly allowance, but yet you still have to entertain yourself, to help relax your brain after hours of tedious academic activities.

Streaming services can be the most economical way to entertain yourself; even the cost of using some streaming services isn’t as much as the subscriptions for cable.

Different streaming services are more economical and ideal for students; they provide other options and discounts to ease their outrageous paying fees for multiple subscriptions. 

You can stream as much as possible videos, songs, audiobooks online using streaming platforms and packages ideal for you.

To ease your stress and prevent you from spending your student allowance on multiple streaming services, Advanced Writers has researched essays online and compiled a list of Top 5 streaming services ideal for college students.

1. Amazon Prime

Amazon has special packages for students called the Amazon Prime student package.

Amazon gives out a 50% discount and other special packages throughout the year, and you are entitled to the same content made available to exclusive members.

Students are entitled to a free trial for the first six months on the platform, and a meager amount of $6.50 will be used to renew their subscription every month as a student, compared to the usual and regular price of $13 per month for non-students. 

This subscription gives you access to different Amazon services like; Prime Music; stream millions of songs for just $1/month instead of $8/month.

You have access to Amazon gaming and Photos and Television shows for a discounted rate of  $1 per month for 12 months to access different video platforms, like Epix, Shudder, and Show Time.

You can access the Calm app, which serves as a meditation and sleep therapist, college textbooks, audiobooks, StudentUniverse (Tourism deals), stream shows, Course Hero materials, audiobooks, and other students related materials.

Amazon prime mandates that your verification as a student will be reviewed to affirm your studentship status.

More so, The package is valid for a maximum number of four years.

2. Hulu

Hulu was the pioneer of movie streaming services that gave students discounts on their streaming services. Hulu became famous, attracted many subscribers, and made fellow competitors imbibed in the act. 

Hulu students package is one of the best, reliable, viable, and cheapest plans you can ever find or think of offers a  65% discount off the regular package price. Hulu student’s package costs $2 per month compared to the regular $6 per monthly subscription.

 It covers unrestricted access to Hulu’s complete library, movies and original series catalog, programs, network and television shows, documentaries, animation, blockbuster movies, cartoons, and other motion graphics.

The Hulu student package comes with a small price; you have to view paid ads and a few commercials.

Moreso, the Hulu student discount does not include its live Television show package.

3. Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus shares some similarities with the Hulu plan students package; it also contains ads and commercials that must be viewed, a little prove to pay for the discounted rate.

Paramount plus is a top video streaming platform owned by Columbia Broadcasting Entertainment Group with over 8 million subscribers.

The average price for a standard subscription plan is about $4.99 per month, and it offers a 25% discount for college students, beating the price to  $3.5 per month.

Paramount plus is unique from other streaming services because it verifies your status as a college student and allows you to continuously use their student package for over four years, requiring that studentship status remains.

Paramount Plus, student package offers; many original series and shows like; Love Island, Indiana Jones, animations, documentaries, movies, Live Television shows, sports events like NFL games, UEFA Champions League, NEWS, and others.

Paramount Plus student plan also features different exciting and original contents from paid cable, multimedia, and television channels like; Paramount, Columbia Broadcasting Service (CBS),  Nickelodeon, Music Television (MTV), Black Entertainment Television (BET), Smithsonian Channel, and other cable channels.

Paramount Plus also provides complete information about their current, upcoming events, video, and others.

4. Apple TV Plus

Apple products and services have always been the best and well established in the market. 

Apple TV Plus also offers a discount package for a college student to Apple Originals services, which includes;  movies, Television shows, and series like; Dickinson, Ted Lasso, Central Park, and others, streaming over 50 million songs that can also be downloaded offline.

College students, after proper verification, can get the Apple TV plus plan for free for just a short period.

However, you must be a member of Apple Music, which offers an Apple Music student subscription and gives a 50% discount of $5 per month without ads interruption or commercials, instead of the regular subscription fee of $10 per month.

Research shows that it is more advantageous for iPad or iPhone users as it integrates perfectly with their operating system.

Apple Plan Plus discounted price is only available for four years, and the studentship status will be verified every 12 months.

5. YouTube Premium Student Discount

YouTube also offers a premium Student Discount package for students.

It does not contain ads, and it allows access to thousands of videos with YouTube Premium, a library of original TV shows and movies in any language, all around the world, which can be downloaded offline at a fee of $6.99 per month compared to the standard regular subscription fee of $12 per month.

It also covers unlimited access to YouTube Music, with a one-month free trial before the monthly subscription starts.


To help you in managing your little allowance and choosing the best streaming platform, AdvancedWriters – essay writing company compiled the top 5 streaming services for you as a college student above.

Read through and choose the best streaming platforms that suit you the most.