How to Add and Activate Tidal on Roku [Two Ways]

Tidal on Roku

Tidal is an American-based subscription service that mainly offers podcasts and music videos. Tidal was initially launched in 2014, and it witnessed tremendous growth within a short time. Currently, it has more than 1 million subscribers worldwide. Tidal is compatible and comes as an in-built app on many devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Firestick, etc. Streaming highly quality Tidal music on Roku is the best way to listen to your favorites.

You can get Tidal by adding the app from the Roku Channel Store. Upon subscribing, you can access Tidal’s extensive library comprises more than 80 million songs and 350K videos. In addition, the users can enjoy their favorite artists’ interviews and music videos. As already said, Tidal is a premium subscription service, and the users need to get HiFi or HiFi Plus subscription. As an exception, users in the U.S can use the free version of the Tidal app.

How to Add Tidal on Roku device

1) Plug the Roku device into the HDMI port of your TV and follow the procedures given in the manual guide to set it up.

2) Turn On your Roku-connected TV and make sure to connect your TV with a stable internet connection.

3) Press the home button and navigate to the Home section.

Press the home button on Roku remote

4) Select the Streaming Channels section using the D-pad on the Roku remote.

tap Streaming Channels

5) Under Genres, you’ll find the Music category. Click on it.

Click Music section

6) On the right side of the screen, you’ll be able to see all the Music apps available on Roku Channel Store.

7) Scroll and look for the Tidal app.

Note: You can also find and install the Tidal by tapping the option Search Channels displayed under the StreamingChannels.

8) Select the Tidal app from the Music apps section and tap Add Channel to install it on your Roku device.

9) After installation, tap Go to Channel and follow the necessary procedures to complete the Tidal login.

select Go to Channel to open Tidal

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How to Get Tidal on Roku using Roku App

1) Turn On your Roku device and connect it with a proper internet connection.

2) Open your smartphone and install the Roku app from Play Store or App Store.

Install Roku from Play Store
Install Roku from App Store

3) Open the Roku app after the completion of the installation process.

4) Ensure to use the same Roku account credentials for the Roku device and Roku app.

5) Once you’re in, click the Channels icon displayed at the bottom.

6) Navigate to the Channels Store and search for the Tidal app.

Go to Channel store

7) Select the Tidal and click Add Channel to install it.

8) By using the same Roku account on your smartphone and Roku TV, the Tidal app will automatically sync to your Roku device.

9) Open the Tidal app on your Roku-connected TV and start listening to music at high-resolution quality.

How to Sign Up for Tidal on Roku device

1) Launch the Tidal app on the Roku device and tap Sign up.

2) The Roku device displays a pop-up message on the screen. If you want to use the same mail ID you’re using for Roku, click Allow or tap Cancel, and follow the next step.

3) Enter the mail ID and create a password for the Tidal account.

4) Type in your Date of Birth and choose a subscription plan.

5) Confirm the purchase by completing all the steps in the payment process.

6) That’s it. Now, you can use listen to Tidal music at the audiophile-level sound quality.

Watch Tidal on Roku

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Tidal free or Paid?

Tidal is paid subscription service that offers two types of subscription plans – HiFi and HiFi Plus. However, it offers its free version in the U.S.

2) Can I get Tidal on Roku?

Yes. You can easily download the Tidal app from the Roku channel store. Refer to the above steps to know about the installation procedure.

3) Can I add Tidal using the Roku website?

Yes. You can add the Tidal app from the Roku website. The process is super-easy to do. Go to the Roku website, sign in to your account and navigate to Channel Store section on the Roku website to add Tidal.