How to Watch TruTV on Roku Streaming Devices

TruTV on Roku

TruTV is an American-based TV channel that primarily focuses on crime-thriller shows, documentary shows, legal dramas, and various coverage of criminal cases, etc. Later it started telecasting caught on camera shows, and live sports programming. Now the channel offers various comedy-based reality shows and series. Few notable shows include Impractical Jokers, Fast Foodies, Big Trick Energy, Adam Ruins Everything, etc. You can stream your favorite shows with TruTV on the Roku streaming device.

TruTV app is available on the Roku Channel Store, which is a TV Everywhere app. You can access the contents by logging in to your pay-TV service provider account. The participating pay-TV providers include AT&T TV, Spectrum, DIRECTV, Optimum, etc.

How to Watch TruTV on Roku

(1) Set up your Roku streaming device with your TV.

(2) Turn on the device and connect it to the internet.

(3) From the Roku home screen, click on the Streaming Channels option and navigate to the Roku Channel Store.

Roku Home Screen

(4) Then, choose the Search Channels option.

Channel Store

(5) Using the screen keys, type TruTV and select the app from the search results.

Roku Search Screen

(6) Click on the Add Channel button to install the app on your streaming device.

TruTV on Roku

(7) Click Go To Channel button to launch the app.

(8) On the home screen, an activation code will appear.

(9) To carry out truTV Roku activation, visit from any web browser.

(10) Choose Roku from the select device drop-down.

(11) Enter the activation code and click Submit.

(12) Now, the app on your TV screen will refresh and start loading contents.

TruTV on Roku

Alternative Way: How to Get TruTV on Roku Via Roku Website

(1) From your phone or computer web browser, go to the official site of the Roku Channel Store.

(2) Click on the Sign-in option.

Roku Channel Store

(3) Then sign in with the same Roku account that you used to sign-in on your device.

Sign in

(4) Search for the TruTV and select the app from the search results.

TruTV on Roku

(5) On the screen that appears, click on the Add Channel button.

(6) Start your Roku device, and you will find the TruTV app on the home screen.

(7) Launch the app, and an activation code will appear.

(8) Visit the TBS channel activation site and select Roku from the list of devices.

(9) Enter the code and click Submit. The TruTV Roku app content library will start loading on the Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TruTV free on Roku?

You cannot stream TruTV free on Roku. You will need a cable or satellite TV service provider to stream. The cost totally depends on the subscription provider you choose.

What streaming service has TruTV?

You can stream TruV on streaming services like Sling TV on Roku, Hulu on Roku, and YouTube TV on Roku that offers TruTV without cable.

How much does the TruTV app costs?

There is no separate subscription you need to do to stream TruTV. You can watch with a pay-TV provider subscription.

Can I watch TruTV on fuboTV?

No. You cannot watch TruTV with fuboTV on Roku.