How to Stream Twitch on Roku: Possible Ways

Twitch on Roku

Twitch is the best streaming platform for gamers. You can find gameplay videos about all the popular games like PUBG, Free Fire, IGI, Clash of Clans, and more. With those videos, you can improve your gameplay and get your Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. But, installing the Twitch application on Roku is not an easy task.

The Twitch app was available on the Roku Channel Store until late 2014. When Amazon acquired Twitch on 25th August 2014, the application was removed in the Roku Store. Roku being the competitor of Amazon Firestick, the Twitch app was removed. The users who installed the app before the acquisition can use the Twitch app without any issues. But, you can’t install the Twitch app on your Roku right now.

Twitch on Roku

Possible Ways to Access Twitch on Roku

Even for old users, the Twitch app is not responding and shows errors when trying to open the app. So, it is important to get an alternate way to install Twitch on Roku. Well, there are two possible ways to do it.

  • Install Old Twitch App
  • Install TTV Stream

How to Install Old Twitch app on Roku?

in this method, you are going to install the old Twitch app using the code. For this, you need a smartphone or PC.

(1) Open any web browser and go to the Roku website.

(2) Sign in with the account that you are using on your Roku.

Sign in

(3) Go to Add Channel With a Code tab and enter TWITCHTV.

(4) After that, click the Add channel button.


(5) When you get the Channel is added notification, restart your Roku device.

(6) Now, the Twitch app will be installed on your device. Open the application.

Twitch on Roku

(7) On the confirmation screen, click the Yes button.

Yes button

(8) Then, you will get the Twitch application screen, Click the Add channel button.

Twitch on Roku

(9) If you have a security pin, enter the four-digit pin and click OK.

Twitch on Roku

(10) After that, you will get the confirmation screen stating that the Twitch app is installed on Roku.

(11) Now, you can start watching your favorite gameplay on your Roku.

Twitch on Roku

Alternate Way: How to Install TTV Stream on Roku

In the TTV Stream app, you can link your Twitch account and access its videos and gameplays. But, the TTV Stream app is also not available on the Roku Channel Store. You have to install the app using its code.

(1) Go to the TTV Stream website and sign in with your Roku account.

(2) Click the Add Channel button. The application will be installed on your Rokr. If not, restart your device.

TTV Streams

(3) Now, you need to active the TTV Streams app. Go to TTV Stream activate link and enter the activation code that appears on your Roku.

Twitch on Roku

(4) On successful completion, add your Twitch account and start watching game videos.

There are some other alternatives like Twitched and Twitched Zero. But these apps are no longer exist.

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These are two possible ways to access the Twitch application on Roku. The reentry of the Twitch app to the Roku Channel Store seems impossible. As Roku being the biggest rival to Amazon, you can’t expect this to happen any sooner. Until then, use any one of the above-mentioned ways to access the Twitch videos.