How to Install and Use Twitter (X) on Firestick [Easy Ways]

Twitter on Firestick

My friend is an avid Twitter (X) user. He will never miss watching the latest entertainment, sports, and political news. Recently, my friend bought a Fire TV Stick 4K Max. He asked how to get Twitter on Firestick. I told him to install Twitter on FireTV from the Amazon Appstore. Since he didn’t know how to install apps on Firestick, I prepared this article for him explaining the Twitter installation process. Additionally, I explained the alternate ways to watch Twitter on Fire TV Stick using the screen mirroring method.

How to Install Twitter on Firestick

1). Turn on your Firestick and connect to the internet.

2). Press the Home key on the Fire TV remote to view the home page.

3). Click the Find (Magnifier icon) and tap the Search field.

Click Find option on Firestick

4). Use the on-screen keyboard, type Twitter on FireTV, and search for the app.

5). Select Twitter on Fire TV from the search results.

6). On the app info screen, click the Get or Download tab.

6). The app will be downloaded. Choose Open to launch the app.

7). Log in to your Twitter account to watch the latest tweets and news.

Alternate Way to Install Twitter on Firestick

1). Run a web browser on a PC and go to (

Log in to the Amazon account
Amazon Log in

2). Log in to your Amazon account, the same account you logged in to Amazon Firestick.

3). On the Search bar, type Twitter or Twitter on FireTV.

4). In the app installation screen, click the Get App button on the right side of the screen.

Download Twitter on Amazon Appstore

5). The Twitter for FireTV app will be installed on your Fire TV Stick.

6). Login with your account credentials and use the Twitter app on Fire TV.

Now, you can watch various Twitter videos on your Fire TV Stick.

How to Sideload Twitter on Firestick Using Downloader

Other than direct installation, you can sideload Twitter using Downloader on Firestick. The Downloader app is officially available in the Amazon Appstore for Fire OS devices. After installing the Downloader app, tweak some settings to install apps from unknown sources.

1). From the Fire TV home page, tap the Settings icon on the menu bar.

2). Select My Fire TV >> Choose Developer Options >> Select Install Unknown Apps >> Choose Downloader >> Turn it On.

Click Install unknown apps

3). Run the Downloader app on Firestick and tap Allow to accept the permissions.

4). Tap OK on the disclaimer message.

5). Click the Home tab on the left pane and select the URL field.

Enter the Twitter APK download link in the URL field

6). Using the virtual keypad, type the Twitter (X) apk download link and press Go.

7). Download the Twitter (X) APK, open the file, and click Install.

8). If you see the app installed notification, select Open to launch it.

9). Provide the Twitter login details to access your account from Fire TV.

Log in to Twitter on Firestick

Note: If you find any complications with using Twitter on FireTV, get the Mouse Toggle on Firestick to operate the application easily.

How to Screen Mirror Twitter (X) on Firestick Using Android

1). Connect Firestick to WiFi, which should be the same as your Android.

2). Install the X (Twitter) application on an Android by visiting the Play Store.

3). Run the X (Twitter) app on Android and log in with the necessary credentials.

4). Go to the Notification bar on your Android and click the Cast/Screen cast icon.

Click Screen cast

5). Select your Fire TV Stick to connect.

6). Once connected, your device screen will be projected to the Fire TV.

Start using Twitter on Firestick using screen mirroring.

How to AirPlay Twitter on Firestick Using iPhone

As a prerequisite, enable AirPlay on Firestick. Go to Settings Display and SoundsAirPlay & HomeKit → AirPlay ON.

1). Ensure your iPhone is connected to the same WiFi as your Fire TV.

2). Head to the App Store on your iPhone and get the X (Twitter) app.

3). Run the X application on an iPhone and sign in with valid credentials.

4). Play any video in the X app and tap the AirPlay icon.

Click the AirPlay icon in the Twitter (X) app

Note: To mirror your device screen, go to your iPhone’s Control Center and click Screen Mirroring.

5). Select your Fire TV Stick name. If prompted, input the AirPlay passcode.

Once connected, start accessing Twitter on Fire TV using Apple AirPlay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Twitter not working on Firestick?

It may be due to an outdated Twitter app or Fire TV firmware, unstable internet connectivity, corrupted cache, etc.

Is Twitter free on Firestick?

Yes. You can download Twitter on FireTV from the Amazon Appstore for free.