How to Install and Stream Vidgo on Roku

Vidgo is available on Roku Channel Store, and you can install it directly on your device. With Vidgo on Roku, you can stream 150+ live channels, including sports, entertainment news, regional, and much more. Vidgo offers 4 different plans, and you can choose the one that suits your demand. The Premium Plan costs 84.99$ a month. Vidgo app gives a fun-filled experience where you can create your own private hand with your fans, friends, and family. You can showcase your GIFs, polls, live reactions, photos, and many more under the video.

How to Install Vidgo on Roku?

As mentioned earlier, Vidgo is available on the Channel Store, and you can install it directly on your device with the following steps:

[1] Plug the Roku device into your TV and connect it to the internet connection.

[2] Select the Streaming Channels option from the Roku home screen.

Vidgo on Roku - Streaming channel

[3] Then, select the Search Channels.

Vidgo on Roku- Search channel

[4] Now, type the Vidgo app name.

Vidgo on Roku- type Vidgo

[5] Select the Vidgo app, and you will get the app info page.

[6] Now, click the Add Channel button to download the Vidgo app.

[7] After downloading, click OK to launch the app.

[8] Finally, the Vidgo app is installed successfully on your Roku.

Alternative Method

You can also add the channel from the Roku website.

[1] Visit the Roku Channel Store website.

[2] Now, log in to the Roku account, which is synced to the Roku device.

[3] Select the search bar, type the Vidgo app, and search for it.

[4] Click the Add Channel option to install Vidgo on your device.

[5] Once the installation is done, open the Vidgo app and start to stream the content on your TV screen.

How to Fix Vidgo not working on the Roku issue?

If Vidgo is not working, you can use the below troubleshooting methods:

  1. Restart your Roku.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall the Vidgo app.
  3. Clear the app cache on Roku.
  4. Update the app.
  5. Check whether the internet is working on your device. If not, connect your Roku to a new WiFi.
  6. Update your Roku device.


Is Vidgo available on Roku?

Vidgo is available officially on the Channel Store. You can install it directly on your device by searching in the Streaming Channels section.

How much does Vidgo cost on Roku?

Vidgo offers four different plans:
1. Premium Plan – $84.99 – 150+ channels
2. Plus Plan – $ 69.99 – 110+ channels
3. Ultimate Plan – $99.99 – All English & Spanish channel
4. Vidgo Mas – 39.99$ – 45+ Spanish Channels