How to Install and Stream Vudu on Roku [Guide]

Vudu on Roku

Most of the streaming apps like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus offers either monthly or yearly subscription. But with Vudu, you can buy or rent a video title that you want to watch. With that, you won’t waste your money on a monthly subscription. You can buy or rent the video title when you are free. Like most streaming apps, Vudu is available for Roku officially on the Channel Store.

You can install the Vudu app on your Roku and buy or rent movies. If you want, you can also screen mirror the Vudu app from your smartphone. Here, we discussed both the ways to stream Vudu on your device.

How to Install Vudu on Roku

(1) On your Roku, scroll down to the Streaming Channels option.

Vudu on Roku

(2) The Roku Channel Store with Featured channels will appear.

Vudu on Roku

(3) Select the Search Channels option.

(4) The on-screen keyboard will appear. Enter Vudu and search for it.

(5) Select the Vudu app from the results and tap the Add Channel button.

(6) The Vudu app will be installed on your Roku. Tap the Go to Channel to open the Vudu app.

How to Activate Vudu on Roku

(1) When you open the Vudu app, you will get the sign-in screen.

(2) Click the Sign In button. You will get the activation code.

(3) Then, go to the Vudu activation website and sign in to your Vudu account.

(4) Enter the Vudu activation code and click the Submit button.

Vudu on Roku

(5) When it is activated, you will get the Vudu home screen on your Roku TV or Stick.

How to Screen Mirror Vudu on Roku

(1) On your Roku, open the Settings menu.


(2) Go to the System Settings option.

Vudu on Roku

(3) Under System Settings, select the Screen mirroring feature.

(4) Open the Screen mirroring mode and choose the Always allow option.

Screen mirroring mode

(5) Now, install the Vudu app on your smartphone from the Play Store.

(6) Then, connect your Android smartphone and Roku to the same WiFi network.

(7) Open the Notification Panel and tap the Cast or Cast Screen or Screen Cast icon.

Cast icon

(8) Choose your Roku device.

(9) Open the Vudu and stream the movie that you have bought or rented.

(10) The movie will appear on your Roku connected TV.

Install and activate the Vudu app on your Roku or screen mirror the app from your smartphone. Buy or rent movies from the Vudu app and stream your favorite video title.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does Vudu cost?

You can install the Vudu app for free. The price tag for video titles starts from $5.

2. Which is better, Hulu or Vudu?

Hulu is a streaming platform where you buy a monthly subscription, whereas Vudu offers only rent or buying options.