What is Roku? Overview, Price, Features & Review

what is Roku
what is Roku

Digital media player line ups have let many of the streaming enthusiasts ditch the cable TV subscription. Streaming players indeed have transformed the way we watch television. Getting entertainment at home is easy and affordable with the right cord cutter. Roku is one of the popular media players like Apple TV, Firestick, etc. that lets you experience hours of entertainment. For those who want to know what is Roku, this section will be informative to know what is it along with its variants, features, pricing, specifications, support, and more.

What is Roku?

Roku is the name given to the line of digital media players by Roku, Inc. It has been available since 2008 and has gradually witnessed its growth over the years. While it’s first model was a set-up-box styled, it has been available in different shapes and sizes now. There is a Roku product for everyone and for every other need. All you need is an internet to stream media contents from different online services irrespective of the Roku players. Besides this, setting up and accessing the Roku device takes no time. It is the best alternative to cable or satellite service. If you don’t believe, then we will let you know it.

What are the Roku Variants?

Roku Inc has pioneered TV streaming and is the best thing for those people who love watching TV over the internet connection. It is available in different forms and hence available at different prices. You may choose between the Roku Streaming Players, Roku Streaming Stick or a Roku TV. Although Roku has three different models, they deliver the same contents. All its devices are not only more convenient-to-use but are also cost-effective options. Setting up and using any Roku device is simple with the help of its powerful remote.

  • Roku Streaming Player
    • Roku Express
    • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Roku TV

Which Roku Variant to Buy?

I have briefed about the available Roku variants along with its features below. At the end of this section, you will be able to figure out which Roku product suits your needs.

Roku Streaming Players

Roku players resemble a set-top box and it needs to be hooked into your TV. Basically anyone with HD or 4K or 4K HDR TV can get streaming players. So, you need to have a TV with HDMI port and an HDMI cable. Make sure it is a high speed or premium high-speed HDMI cable to thereby connect Roku to the HDMI port of the TV. In addition, you need to have some space next to your television to place the set-up box or the Roku streaming player.

The currently available Roku streaming players include Roku Express that costs £29.99 and Roku Premiere available at £39.99.

Roku Streaming Players
Roku Streaming Players

Roku Streaming Stick

You could imagine the streaming stick of Roku as an over-sized USB drive. It is comparatively compact upon considering the Roku Streaming Players. Your TV should hold an HDMI/USB port and you must plug the stick directly into it. You need not rely on the HDMI cable just like the streaming players. Just plug the stick into your TV and you will be able to stream contents. It is small enough, hides behind your TV and thus doesn’t your space.

Roku Streaming Stick costs £39.99.

Roku Stick
Roku Stick

Roku TV

Roku has developed a standalone smart TV powered with Roku OS with built-in TV display. It has all the features in-built and you can start streaming contents directly without needing to connect anything. Those who are looking for a streaming device and smart TV built together can get Roku TV. It is the most compelling thing to own by entertainment freaks. Roku TV is feature-packed, powerful and simple-to-use and hence you will get a better TV watching experience. Currently, a variety of smart TV manufactures are selling Roku powered TV at different screen size, resolution and price.

Roku TV
Roku TV

Why should you Choose Roku Products?

Roku Inc, has developed its every other Roku products considering its customer’s satisfaction as the primary thing. Thus they have come up competing for all the possible players that will replace the satellite or cable TV. Roku is a reliable platform that is worth buying as it neither charges you with an activation fee nor a monthly service subscription. Setting-up and streaming on Roku are simple, easy and requires no complex process. It lets you choose from thousands of contents to stream at your preferred time in high-quality.

How Does Roku Work?

No matter which Roku device you have on your hand, the primary requirement is the internet or WiFi. Power up your Roku device and connect it to the internet to get the best of streaming. To make your Roku device fully functional, you require a Roku account which is free to create. Adding the payment method on it is optional which can be done later while buying channels or subscriptions. You can make use of the Roku remote that comes along with the device to navigate on it.

What can I watch on Roku?

Roku lets you stream almost anything from movies, TV shows, original series, sports, kids shows, news, and more. It lets you choose from a wide range of services and you can pay as you go for them every month. Roku has a dedicated store called Roku Channel Store that has listed your favourite apps as channels. You can choose between free as well as paid channels like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, ITV, Google Play, Deezer, Pluto TV, YuppTV, and hundreds more. Roku has something for every type of users. With this, you can stream movie collections from the latest to the classics, family-friendly programs, etc.

The biggest advantage of Roku is it supports adding channels. For this, you can make use of the Roku remote. It is a handy tool to navigate on the Roku screen to further search and add channels. Use remote to select Search on the home screen of Roku and type in your search. Otherwise, use the microphone built-in voice remote to search as well as control your media playback. In addition to this, you can get Roku Mobile app on your smartphone to use it as a remote. Roku Mobile app can be used as a physical remote. Also, you can use its microphone to use it as a voice remote and thereby add channels, control playback, etc.

Roku Remote
Roku Remote

Advantages of Roku

  • It is an affordable media player
  • Simple to use interface
  • Highly flexible
  • Ever updating list of channels
  • Supports accessing non-certified channels

Disadvantage of Roku

  • No internal storage space


It is evident that Roku has gradually downgraded its devices over the years and made the available one’s more powerful. It is easy to set-up the media player with the most user-friendly interface. With the high-speed internet connection, adding channels on Roku is a breeze. If you have decided to move from the traditional cable TV, then you may choose between any of the Roku devices with no further thought. However, we leave the choice of picking the required Roku product to the readers. So, you may choose the device more wisely based on your budget and entertainment needs.

Hope this article helped you know better about Roku in detail and guided you choose the right device? Drop in your comments below.