How to Stream Zattoo on Roku [Alternative Approaches]

Zattoo Roku

If you are a person who loves to stream live tv online, then you might have heard about the Zattoo app. It is an all-in-one app that allows you to stream your favorite channels. You can watch super hit movies, series, live sport, documentaries, and much more. The Zattoo streaming quality is pretty good when compared to other streaming services. It is a subscription-based streaming app that costs €13.99/month and €9.99/month with 30 days free trial. With the subscription, you get 90 HD channels like Sport 1, ARTE, Comedy Central, WDR, BR, NDR, Nickelodeon, etc. While it is accessible from different devices, you may not find Zattoo in The Roku Channel Store. Hence this session will guide you with some alternative ways to stream the Zattoo on Roku.

How to Watch Zattoo on Roku

  • Using Android
  • Using iOS device
  • From PC

Method 1: Zattoo on Roku using Android Device

Before mirroring the Zattoo app on your Roku, you need to enable the Screen Mirroring mode on Roku. i.e., Open Settings >> System >> Screen Mirroring >> Screen Mirroring Mode >> Prompt or Always Allow.

[1] Switch on your Roku device. Then, connect your Android device and Roku to the same WiFi connection.

[2] Launch the Play Store on your smartphone and search for the Zattoo app.

[3] Then, install and launch the Zattoo app.

[4] Go to Android Settings and click Connections or Other Wireless connection or Device Connection.

 click Connections or Other Wireless connection or Device Connection.

[5] Then, click on Cast or Multi-screen or Smart View option.

 click on Cast or Multi-screen or Smart View option.

[6] Turn on the toggle, and you will get the list of devices. Choose your Roku device.

[7] Upon connecting, open the Zattoo app and view it on your TV screen.

Stream Zattoo on Roku

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Method 2: Zattoo on Roku via iOS

[1] Install the Zattooo app on your iOS device from the App Store.

[2] Following that, install the Replica app from the App Store.

[3] Under the same WiFi network, connect your Roku and iOS device.

[4] Launch the Replica app on your iOS device and select your Roku device from the list.

Select Roku device

[5] Click on Connect option.

[6] Once done, you can launch the Zattoo app on your handheld to stream the same content on your TV screen.

Screen Mirror Zattoo on Roku

Method 3: Zattoo on Roku via PC

[1] On your web browser, visit Zattoo’s official website.

Zattoo on Roku

[2] From the Start Menu, select Settings.

Select Settings

[3] Then, select System Settings and click the Display option.

Select System option - Zattoo on Roku

[4] Under the Display Settings, click Connect to Wireless Display.

Select Connect to a Wireless display - Zattoo on Roku

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[5] The list of available devices will appear. Choose your Roku device.

[6] Now, select any title on the Zattoo channels on PC and watch it on your TV screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Roku have Zattoo?

No, the Zattoo app is not available on the Channel Store. The screen mirroring is the only possible way to stream Zattoo content on the Roku device.

2. Is there a Zattoo app?

Yes, the Zattoo has its own standalone app, and it is available for Android, iOS, and Windows.