Best Chromecast TV for Casting Videos and Music

Chromecast often refers to the function in which you will send videos and other media files from your smartphone or other devices to TV. But now, most of the Android TV is running with the in-built Cast feature. If you are TV says this, then your TV will always ready to receive the contents over WiFi. As said earlier, most of your TVs launched recently are coming with the built-in Chromecast. Here, we listed a few best TV with a built-in Chromecast. Google started this in-built Chromecast feature in 2017. So most smart TVs launched after 2017 will have this feature.

Best Chromecast TV

The following TVs are the few best TVs with built-in Chromecast.

  1. LG CX Smart OLED TV.
  2. Vizio
    • P-series Quantum 4K HDR Smart TV
    • 70-inch LED
  3. Sony
    • X900H
    • 55 inch OLED
    • XBR55X900E 65-inch 4K Ultra HD
  4. TCL S425
  5. Samsung
    • QLED Q90T
    • TU8000 series Smart TV
  6. Sharp 55 inch Android TV
  7. Toshiba
    • 49 inch LED TV
    • 43LF621U19
  8. Insignia NS-55DF710NA19
  9. Hisense
    1. 55 inches Class H8G quantum LED 4K UHD
    2. 65 inches class H6500F Series LED 4K UHD

1. LG CX Smart OLED TV

This particular model LG CX Smart OLED TV stands first in the list of best TV with built-in Chromecast. Of course, in terms of sound and picture quality, and the way it supports AI is phenomenal. LG Smart TV comes in different sizes ranging from 48 inches – 77 inches. Adding on, the in-built AI features are so great. It does include Alexa and Google Assitant.

Stunning picture and sound quality.Relatively the price is higher.
The super slim design makes the TV look more splendid.No HDR 10+ support.
Wide viewing angles with marvelous contrast in the dark.Not ideal for a bright room.

2. VIZIO P-series Quantum 4K HDR Smart TV and 70-inch LED

If you are looking for a TV that is more affordable, then Vizio could be your go-to. This is just great with its unique design. But considering the price range, the features are more than you pay. This TV not only supports Chromecast but also supports Airplay 2 too. In fact, this is the first TV to come with that feature. It comes in a 65 -75 inch screen size. And it does support Dolby, HDR 10, and HGL.

VIZIO P-series Quantum 4K HDR Smart TV
Remote designed well, and super bright features with excellent color reproduction.Uniformity issue is the appearance of dark patches in the screen edges.
Deep black features and local dimming with great motion handling. Wide color gamut at a competitive price.Audio performance is not up to the mark.
Very low input lag, which means it takes input faster and works faster. Upscaling is a sub-par feature.

3. Sony X900H, 55 inch OLED, and XBR55X900E 65-inch 4K Ultra HD

The next best brand in the list of best TV with a built-in Chromecast is Sony. Though Sony TV has multiple versions, these three models are better with their Chromecast features. With X1’s ultimate processor and Dolby vision support, this stands as a phenomenal choice. The TVs come with a screen size of 49 inches – 85 inches. With the right network speed, the apps and other functions of the TV are indeed the fastest. If you are a cinephile or an advent sports fan, then go for this brand.

 Sony X900H
Excellent Sound quality and great value in terms of performance.The wall mounting feature is OK, but then the stand is unstable.
The upscaling feature is a great one. Even lower-end models do better upscaling for low-quality videos.No HDMI ports. This means you can’t use Firestick and Roku.
The interpolation feature of Sony TV is still the greatest one. Image flickering is doing a great job in enhancing motion clarity. It doesn’t have HDR 10+ support at this high range.

4. TCL X2 series, C2 series, P20 series, and S425

This brand makes smart TVs at an affordable price range. Even at this price range, they weren’t compromising the quality. Smart TVs in this brand come with various features. Especially S425 comes with Roku, Alexa, and Google Assistant support. This TV is just like having a smartphone with a bigger screen. You can enjoy various apps with a proper WiFi connection. The screen sizes vary from 43 inches – 75 inches.

 TCL X2 series
Various features at very affordable prices and fair features for this price range. Dimming features are not up to the mark and expectations.
The screen mirroring features is excellent, along with HDR 10+ support. The color range is not so wide when compared to other brands.
Built-in WiFi connectivity with 4K UHD resolution to stream various contents from apps. The motion handling is not so impressive.

5. Samsung QLED Q90T and TU8000 series Smart TV

Samsung is another premium TV model. The brand has secured its name in the electronic industry. And of course at a high price range. The brand offers quite a wide range of models. But taking Chromecast as the main consideration, QLED Q90T and TU8000 series are the best models. The screen size varies between 55 inches to 85 inches. Another added advantage is that they all come with competitive pricing when compared to previous generations.

Samsung QLED Q90T
Samsung TV comes with excellent and vibrant color features. And many ports for various connections. Samsung TVs are good at removing judders, but the interpolations features are still not that great.
Samsung brand TVs are very versatile in various performances. Moreover, the TVs are more suitable for gaming stuff.There is no one connect box and Dolby vision feature. The local dimming zones are very less.
The upscaling feature is so great. The Samsung built quality is not so stellar. Many parts are built with plastic.

6. Sharp 55 inch Android TV

Looking for a TV with salient features at affordable prices, then you can go for Sharp TV. Sharp is a very popular TV manufacturer. They are the ones who sold the maximum number of LCD TVs. Likewise, they are the first ones to launch 8K TVs in the global market. Keeping everything aside, Sharp TVs is coming with built-in Roku support along with Chromecast. What else do we need at this price range?

Sharp 55 inch Android TV
Exciting and smart features at a very affordable price. Moreover, a trustworthy brand. Though they have noticeable video quality, their audio quality is so poor.
Elegant Smart TV UI with crisp 4K quality pictures and subtle contrast features.Not so good for gaming and stuff. As the screen refreshes too slow.
Built-in Roku and Google assistant supports adding more smartness to these TVs. In the dark, the off-center viewing is not so impressive.

7. Toshiba 49 inch LED TV and 43LF621U19

Two of the above-mentioned TVs support Roku. In contrast, Toshiba supports the Amazon Firestick. For mixed usage, Toshiba TV is a decent option. This TV is like the jack of all trades but master of none. As it doesn’t excel in any particular feature but then works fair in all. This is yet another less expensive TV with overall good features. But then poor contrasting make this TV not so recommendable. The remote does support Amazon Alexa’s voice control.

Toshiba 49 inch LED TV and 43LF621U19
For Against
Inexpensive and a decent choice for mixed usage. Gives fair performances in various features. Image deteriorates when viewed from different angles, and there are uniformity issues.
Alexa voice assistant is so powerful and lets you control stuff over your voice. The HDR feature is so mediocre and not up to the expectations.
Accurate color complexions and crisp images.Requires an Amazon Prime account.

8. Insignia NS-55DF710NA19

This is yet another Fire TV version like Toshiba TV. It is also a decent TV for mixed usage. This means it gives fair results while using for movies, TV shows, sports, games, etc. For casual gaming, the TV is not recommended. Most of the Insignia TVs depended on Roku OS, whereas this TV relies on Android-based Fire TV OS. Here the price is also fixed fairly. It gives extensive HDR support and excellent picture quality.

 Insignia NS-55DF710NA19
As said earlier decent features at a very affordable price range. Lots of ads are mostly supported by the brand themselves, which is annoying.
4K features are so impressive, along with the Alexa voice assistant feature. For using most of the functions, you should have an Amazon Prime account.
HDR support is appreciable with excellent native contrast. The color accuracy is not so good, and there are no far-field mics for Alexa.

9. Hisense 55 inches Class H8G Quantum LED 4K UHD and 65 inches Class H6500F Series LED 4K UHD

The last but not the least option is Hisense. This particular TV gives more and more features and functionalities for what you pay. It does provide various high-end features like many high-valued TVs. The screen sizes vary from 50 inches to 75 inches. The input lag is one major drawback, but then once the contents start, we will not mind that anyway. Moreover, at a very low price, they are providing extensive features.

Hisense 55 inches Class H8G Quantum LED 4K UHD
Bright and colorful TV at affordable prices. So great overall value.The remote feature isn’t backlit, and there are few Chromecast connectivity issues.
Dolby Atmos and Dolby HDR feature that gives super sound and picture quality. The design of the TV could be more authentic.
Easy to use software with a home integrationFeet feels flimsy and struggles with a face-paced sequence.

There are few more options, but still, these nine brands top the best Chromecast TV. Do you have any particular brand or model in mind that you think will be one of the best TVs with a built-in Chromecast? Mention that in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do smart TVs have a built-in Chromecast?

Yes, modern-day smart TV comes with built-in Chromecast support.

2. Does Samsung TV have Chromecast?

Yes, selected Samsung Smart TVs to have a built-in Chromecast.