How to Chromecast Amazon Photos to TV

Amazon Photos Chromecast

Amazon Photos is used to store all your full-resolution photos, and it lets you back up, share, and organize your photos for free. You can even privately share your selected photos, videos, and albums with your family and friends from all the devices. Using Amazon Photos, you can order photo prints, custom gifts, and home decor from your phone. Everybody who uses Amazon Photos will be given 5 GB of full-resolution photo and video storage. Those Prime users will get unlimited full-resolution photo storage and 5GB for video. You can expand the storage with a flexible monthly and annual plan that starts at $1.99. Further, Prime users can easily access Amazon Photos on all their devices and will get free shipping. Amazon Photos is compatible with all the devices. Follow the article to Chromecast Amazon Photos.

How to Chromecast Amazon Photos using Andriod Phone

1. Initially, go to the Google Play Store on your phone.

2. Type Amazon Photos using the on-screen keyboard.

3. Select the app from the search results and click the Download button to get it installed from the Play Store.

install Amazon Photos

4. Tap the Open button to launch the app.

5. Sign in with your Amazon account details.

6. Next, make sure your Andriod phone and the Chromecast device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

7. Open the Control panel on your phone and click the Cast icon.

click the Cast icon to Chromecast Amazon Photos

8. Select your Chromecast device from the list of available devices.

9. Now, your mobile screen with Amazon Photos will be cast to your TV screen.

10. If you want to stop the casting, click the stop casting option.

How to Chromecast Amazon Photos to TV using iPhone

You can’t directly cast the Amazon Photos to your Chromecast TV from your iPhone, so you need to use the Google Home app to cast your iPhone to Chromecast-connected TV.

1. Navigate to the App Store on your iPhone.

2. Search for the Amazon Photos app.

3. Once you find it, select the app to open the app info screen. Then, click the Get button to install the app.

4. Next, install the Google Home app from the App Store.

5. After installing the app, launch the Google Home app on your iPhone from the App Store.

6. Click the +new icon at the top of the screen.

7. Tap Set up the device and hit the New devices option.

tap set up device

8. Select your Chromecast device from the list of available devices and click the next button.

select your Chromecast device to cast Amazon Photos

9. Now, your iPhone screen will be cast to your TV screen.

10. Finally, open the Amazon Photos app on your iPhone, and it will be displayed on the Chromecast-connected TV screen.

How to Chromecast Amazon Photos using Chrome Browser from a PC

1. First, connect your computer and Chromecast device to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Open the Google Chrome browser on your PC.

3. Navigate to the Amazon Photos official site.

4. Sign in with your account. If you have a Prime account, you can sign with that to access more features on Amazon Photos.

5. Right-click on the screen and select the Cast option from the menu that appears on the screen.

  • Or click the More icon on the top right corner and select Cast from the menu.
select Cast

7. Next, tap the Sources drop-down menu and select the Cast tab option.

select Cast tab to Chromecast Amazon Photos

8. The Amazon Photos screen will get cast on the Chromecast-connected TV.

9. If you want to stop the Casting, click the Cast icon.

10. Tap Stop casting to stop the casting of Amazon Photos.

You can follow any of the above methods that suit you to cast Amazon Photos to Chromecast connected-device and see your special occasion photos on the big screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Photos compatible with Chromecast?

No, Amazon Photos is not compatible with Chromecast.

How to cast Amazon Photos on TV?

Install the Amazon Photos app and use the casting feature on your device to Chromecast Amazon Photos on TV. For, iPhone you use the Google Home app to cast
Amazon photos to TV.