How to Chromecast CMT [Easy Guide]

Chromecast CMT

CMT (Country Music Television) is an American TV channel launched by ViacomCBS. You can stream the channel in different countries like Australia, Europe, and Canada. It offers you to watch the devoted country music and video content. In addition to that, you can even explore the live concert of different countries, music artists, special shows, biographies, and so on. As there is no standalone app for CMT, you can opt for either Paramount+ or any streaming service to stream the CMT app content. This article will show how to Chromecast CMT to your TV.

Ways to Chromecast CMT

  • Using Smartphone
  • Using PC

How to Chromecast CMT from Smartphone

[1] Connect the Chromecast and smartphone to the same WiFi connection.

[2] Install the Paramount+ on your smartphone from the Play Store and log in to the account.

Chromecast CMT- Paramount Plus

[3] Search for CMT content and play any video.

[4] Then, click the Cast icon and choose your Chromecast device.

[5] Now, the CMT video will get cast on your Chromecast device.

How to Chromecast CMT from PC Browser

[1] From your PC web browser, go to Paramount+ official website.

Chromecast CMT - Paramount+ website

[2] Complete the sign-in process.

[3] The Paramount+ home page will appear with all the video contents.

[4] Click the Three dotted icons (Chrome menu) or right-click the screen to get it.

[5] In the list, select the Cast option.

[6] Then, choose your Chromecast device.

[7] After connecting, select the CMT content from the Paramount+ and watch it on the Chromecast.

Service Providers

Apart from Paramount+, you can use the below streaming service to watch the CMT content.

  • YouTube TV: The CMT is included in YouTube TV. It charges $64.99/month and you get 85+ live channels like NBC, ESPN, HGTV, TNT, Cartoon Network, TBS, ABC, and so on.
  • Hulu: Hulu added CMT in its package. In Hulu, you will get 85+ channels. And the service has two different packages- $64.99/month and $70.99/month.
  • fuboTV: It is the best and decent streaming platform that even offers you to watch the CMT content. You need to subscribe to any packages: $64.99/month (115+ channels) or $79.99/month (150+ channels) and watch live channels and on-demand videos.


1. Where can I stream the CMT channel?

Streaming providers like YouTube TV, Sling TV, fuboTV, and some other live TV platforms offer the CMT channel.

2. How can I watch CMT for free?

By using a free trial of live TV streaming platforms, you can get CMT for free temporarily.