How to Chromecast DivX Player to TV [Easy Guide]

Chromecast DivX Player

Only a very few media players work out of the box, and DivX is one among them. It works as a video player, converter, and media server. With DivX, users can create and play videos in different file formats. This includes AVI, HEVC, MKV, and 4K. It ensures users with a high-quality video playback experience. In addition to playing videos, it supports casting them as well. You shall get detailed guidelines on how to Chromecast DivX player from the section below.

DivX Plans & Pricing

DivX is available for free with limited features. If you prefer an ad-free experience with additional features, then get the DivX Pro version. It costs $4.50.

Procedure to Chromecast DivX Player: Windows and Mac

(1). Run DivX player on your desktop or laptop. You can download the software on your Windows or Mac from the DivX website.

(2). Navigate on the control bar at the bottom of its home screen to select Settings.

Chromecast DivX - Settings

(3). On the DivX Media Server dialog box, scroll to the bottom to tap on the slider next to Sharing to turn it On.

Turn on Sharing

(4). If Windows Security Alert appears, click on Allow access button.

Chromecast DivX - Allow

(5). When redirected to the main screen of DivX, select the Cast icon to click on the Cast option.

 Cast icon

(6). Click Stream To option and choose the video you want to cast from the File manager.

(7). On the next screen, you should highlight the Chromecast TV name and click on the Select button.

 Choose Chromecast Device

(8). When directed to the DivX media server on Chrome browser, select the Cast icon available next to the video player icon.

 Click Cast icon

(9). Choose the Chromecast device once again. Select the Cast tab option.

Chromecast DivX Player

(10). When the connection establishes between Chromecast TV and PC, the video will start playing on your TV.

Note: Upon casting, the DivX media player’s volume icon, cast icon, and seek bar will appear in Yellow color.

Chromecast Divx Player

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I cast DivX to Chromecast?

By enabling the Sharing toggle, you can cast videos from your DivX player to Chromecast.

2. Which video player can cast to TV?

Video Players like VLC, GOM can be cast to a TV using Chromecast.