How to Chromecast GSN to TV [Easy Ways]

Game Show Network, shortly termed as GSN, is the popular and most-liked American channel owned by Sony Picture Television. You can watch live game shows, television poker, reality competitions, classic game shows, series, and so on. A few list of shows that can be streamed are GSN Shows, Get a Clue, Chain Reaction, People Puzzler, Master Minds, America Say, and Family Feud. The GSN allows you to stream all their shows with an ad-free option just by signing in with the TV provider. Here, in this session, let us see how to Chromecast GSN on TV with possible methods.

GSN is is a TV everywhere app which is available on all major platforms. The GSN app is available on both Android and iOS devices, so you can Chromecast it from your smartphone. Also, the content can be cast from the GSN website too.

Different Ways to Chromecast GSN

  • From Smartphone
  • From PC

How to Chromecast GSN from Android Smartphone

[1] Open Google Play Store and install the GSN app on your Android device.

[2] After installing, open the GSN app and sign in to your account.

[3] Now, to the same WiFi connection, connect your smartphone and Chromecast device.

[4] On your smartphone, drag down the Notification panel and select the Cast icon.

click Cast icon.

[5] Select your Chromecast device to mirror the screen.

[6] Once mirrored, open the GSN app, play any video and it will stream on your Chromecast.

How to Chromecast GSN from iOS

[1] On your iOS device, download the Replica app from the App Store.

[2] Connect the Chromecast device and iOS smartphone to the same WiFi connection.

[3] Now, open the Replica app and select your Chromecast device.

Replica app

[4] Then, choose the Start Broadcasting option.

[5] Open the GSN app and sign in with the TV provider.

[6] Select the video from the GSN app and watch it on the bigger TV screen.

How to Chromecast GSN From PC

[1] Under the same WiFi network, connect your Chromecast and PC.

[2] Launch the latest version of Chrome browser and go to GSN’s official website.

[3] Sign in with the TV provider and get into the GSN page.

GSN Webpage

[4] Now, click the Three-dotted icon or right-click anywhere on the screen. You will get the Chrome menu with a list of options.

[5] From the shown list, click the Cast option.

Chromecast GSN- Cast option

[6] Choose your Chromecast device and click the Cast tab option under the Sources dropdown.

Chromecast GSN- Click cast Tab

[7] You will see your PC screen on your Chromecast. Choose your favorite title from the GSN webpage and enjoy streaming.

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1. Is there an app for Game Show Network?

Yes, the GSN has its own app and is available on the Google Play Store and App Store to download.

2. How can I watch GSN for free?

The GSN app is free to download and use. To access the full content, you need to subscribe to your pay-TV provider.