How to use Chromecast with HBO GO to Cast Contents to TV

Chromecast HBO GO
Chromecast HBO GO

Streaming those most fascinated HBO contents is possible with HBO GO subscription. It is one of the authenticated online streaming services to watch all of the HBO contents. So, you can stream hit movies, series, documentaries, and lots more. With HBO GO, you will never miss those critically acclaimed HBO series and the best of originals. Those who are new to HBO GO can get a 7-day free trial. At $69.99/mo, HBO GO support downloading contents, simultaneously streaming, multi-language subtitles support, etc. In addition to all these advantages, a lot of streaming fans are looking for ways to stream its contents on a big screen with cast options. You shall check out this section to find if you can Chromecast HBO GO and watch its contents on the big screen.

Is HBO GO Chromecast Compatible?

Yes. HBO GO is one among the cast-ready apps. With the built-in cast feature, you can watch HBO contents on Chromecast TV. So, HBO GO lets you watch anything that is currently playing on your HBO GO app or HBO GO website on to your TV.

How to Setup Chromecast HBO GO?

If you an user of HBO GO, then you can cast its contents to the smart TV. You shall choose to cast either from

  • Android or iOS smartphone
  • Chrome browser installed PC

Cast HBO GO using Smartphone

Start casting your favorite content to Chromecast TV with the latest version of the HBO GO app installed on your Android or iOS device.

(1) Plug in the Chromecast to the TV and connect the TV to the same WiFi network as that of Android/iOS phone.

(2) Go to the apps section of your phone and launch HBO GO app.

(3) Click on sign in option under menu.

Sign In to HBO GO
Sign In

(4). You shall now choose TV provider to sign into your HBO GO account.

Sign in with TV Provider
Sign in with TV Provider

(4) Choose or search for a video content to start streaming it on your handheld device.

(5) Look for the Cast icon at the top right corner of the screen and tap on it.

Tap on Cast icon
Tap on Cast icon

(6) Choose the Chromecast device to start casting HBO GO to the TV.

Choose Chromecast TV
Choose Chromecast TV

(7) When the cast icon of HBO GO turns blue, then casting would have begun already. To stop casting, click on Cast icon to choose Disconnect option.

Cast HBO GO using Chrome Browser

If you are using HBO GO on your PC, then with the help of Chrome browser, you shall cast it to Chromecast connected TV.

(1) Turn on the Chromecast connected TV and PC. Connect both the devices to same WiFi.

(2) Visit with the help of Chrome web browser.

(3) Hover to the top and click on Sign In link.

Sign in to HBO GO account
Sign in to HBO GO account

(4) You shall choose the TV provider to thereby access HBO GO on PC.

Select TV Provider
Select TV Provider

(5) Enter the login details on the following screen and click on Log In button.

(6) Start playing a video of HBO GO and right-click to select Cast option.

Important: Go to More option of Chrome and select Cast among the list of menus.

Choose Cast option
Choose Cast option

(7) Select the Chromecast TV and under Sources tab, select Cast tab.

Choose Chromecast Device
Choose Chromecast Device

(8) The video will get cast to the Chromecast TV when the connection gets established.

(9) To stop casting, click on Cast button or More to select Cast and hit Stop.

So you can use either of your smartphone or PC to screen cast any HBO GO contents to Chromecast TV. Make sure you have HBO subscription through a cable TV provider to cast HBO GO.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to HBO GO with HBO subscription as a part of TV package?

Yes. Those subscribed to HBO or Cinemax package through cable TV providers can access HBO GO on PC, phone, or tablet.

Is HBO GO downloading cost?

No. Anyone can download HBO GO free of cost provided if the service is available on your region. However, you need to subscribe to HBO through cable or internet service provider to stream all its contents.

Does HBO GO supports live streaming?

Yes. You can stream live shows and more other contents under Live in the menu.

Where can I watch HBO GO contents?

HBO GO is available only in select regions. It is available on all the countries that come under Latin American regions including Caribbean countries and Brazil.