How to Chromecast ITV Hub to TV [2 Easy Ways]

Chromecast ITV Hub

ITV Hub is one of the latest addition that lets you cast its contents to the big screen. It is the favorite entertainment app among many as it lets streaming live TV and catch-ups anytime. With ITV Hub, you can even watch hit series, sports content, and more. The library gets updated every now and then. So, you never miss new episodes and full series. The interface of the ITV Hub features a separate Categories tab in which the user can choose different genres. It includes sports, news, films, comedy, children, full series, drama & soaps, factual, etc. Get into the section to learn the steps to Chromecast ITV Hub in brief.

ITV Hub: Plans & Pricing

ITV Hub is free of cost. However, if you want an ad-free streaming experience and more features, get its subscription plan called ITV Hub+. It costs £3.99/month and £39.99/year.

Chromecast ITV HUB

Below given are two methods in which you can cast ITV Hub to Chromecast.

  • Using Smartphones
  • Using PCs

Chromecast ITV Hub: Using Smartphone

With ITV Hub on your smartphone, you can cast the app to your Chromecast.


  • Android or iOS smartphone
  • Download and install the latest version ITV Hub app from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Chromecast TV or dongle
  • Internet connectivity

(1). Initially, connect your Chromecast device and handheld to the same Wi-Fi.

(2). On the smartphone, navigate to the apps section to open the ITV Hub app.

(3). When the ITV Hub app launches, navigate to the content you want to cast to Chromecast.

(4). Locate the Cast icon on the screen and make a click on it.

Cast icon

(5). If you get the Cast tab, select the Chromecast TV name.

(6). Allow the ITV Hub screen from your smartphone to cast to the big screen.

(7). To end the casting, click on the Cast icon and select Stop Casting.

Chromecast ITV Hub: Using PC

With the latest version of the Chrome browser, you shall cast the ITV Player to Chromecast TV.


  • Windows or Mac PC
  • The latest version of the Chrome browser
  • ITV Hub Player log in details

(1). Connect the Chromecast TV and your desktop or laptop to the same Wi-Fi.

(2). Launch the Chrome browser on your PC.

(3). On the address bar, type and press the Enter key.

Chromecast ITV Hub

(4). Navigate to the top-right to click on the Sign-in option to enter ITV Hub login details.

(5). Now, right-click anywhere on the current tab to choose the Cast option from the pop-up.

Alternative: Select the Cast option from the Menu icon of the Chrome browser.

Chromecast ITV Hub

(6). On the Cast pop-up, click Chromecast TV. Under the Sources tab, choose the Cast tab.

(7). Click on Stop Casting on the cast to pop up to end the casting of ITV Hub.

You shall choose any one of the methods to Chromecast ITV Player contents to the big screen. In both methods, you can stream and enjoy ITV content in the best quality and better resolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ITV Hub free?

Yes. It is free to stream with ads. For ad-free streaming, you shall get the premium plan.

Can you Chromecast ITV Hub? or Does ITV Hub support Chromecast?

Yes. ITV Hub app has built-in cast support and you can watch it on your Chromecast TV.

Can I Chromecast ITV Hub live to TV?

No, it is because the licensing agreement issues and is common on the Android platform. However, users will not face any issues with casting catch-up programs.

What’s the difference between ITV Hub and ITV Player?

ITV Player has been shut down, and ITV Hub replaced it.

Why does ITV not working on Chromecast?

Check if your casting and cast to devices are connected to the same WIFI. Ensure to use the latest version of the app on your handheld. If the issue doesn’t fix, restart the device and router.