How to Chromecast Pokemon TV [Two Ways]

Chromecast Pokemon TV

As the name implies, Pokemon TV is a platform to stream all the episodes of Pokemon. Pokemon TV is packed with 13 seasons which consists of more than 1000 episodes. It has a notification option, where the users can enable it and get notified about the new releases or updates. The users can download and watch their favorite episodes offline. It is compatible with various devices such as Android, iOS, PC, Chromecast, Nintendo Switch, etc. Watch Pokemon TV on your TV using Chromecast and experience the episodes on a larger screen.

Methods to Chromecast Pokemon TV

  • From Smartphone
  • From PC

How to Chromecast Pokemon TV from Smartphone

1) Set up the Chromecast device with your TV and connect the Chromecast device and your Smartphone to the same WiFi network.

2) Download and install the Pokemon TV app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone).

3) Launch the Pokemon TV app and sign in to it.

4) Play your desired video content and tap the Cast icon.

click the cast icon

5) Select the name of your Chromecast device.

6) Now, the video will be cast on your TV through Chromecast.

Watch Pokemon TV on your TV using Chromecast

How to Chromecast Pokemon TV from PC

1) Connect your PC and the Chromecast to the same WiFi network.

2) Launch the Google Chrome browser on your PC. Make sure to update the Chrome browser to the latest version.

3) Tap the Search bar and type Pokemon TV.

4) Select the official Pokemon TV website from the search results.

Go to Pokemon TV website

6) Tap the Log In button and enter your login credentials.

7) Once you’re in, click the Customize and Control Google Chrome icon ( Customize and Control Google Chrome icon )

8) Scroll down and select the Cast option from the expanded menu bar.

Tap Cast

9) A small menu pops up on the screen, select your Chromecast device and tap the option Sources.

10) Click the Cast tab from the drop-down menu.

select Cast tab

11) That’s it. You can see the particular Pokemon tab on your TV’s screen. Play your favorite Pokemon episode and stream it on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I cast Pokemon TV to my Smart TV?

Yes, you can cast Pokemon TV to all the Chromecast compatible Smart TVs.

2) Is the Pokemon TV app free?

Yes, the Pokemon TV app is free to use and does not include any registration fees or in-app purchases.