How to Make Skype Video Calls on TV using Chromecast

How to Chromecast Skype Video Calls (1)

Skype is one of the best video calling platforms. The app is available for both smartphones and PCs. But one of the lagging features in Skype is that the platform is not compatible with Chromecast. If you want to Chromecast Skype, you need to mirror your smartphone or PC screen to your TV.

With the Screen mirroring, you need to use your smartphone or PC’s mic and camera for audio & video controls. Chromecast Skype using screen mirroring won’t be comfortable as casting the platform. All the notification you receive on your PC or smartphone will appear on your TV. If you are okay with these limitations, follow the steps mentioned below to screen mirror your Skype call to Chromecast connected TVs.

Methods to Chromecast Skype Calls

Based on your device you are using, there are three methods to Chromecast Skype calls.

  • Using Android smartphones,
  • Using iOS smartphones,
  • From PC

Note: Connect the casting device to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast

Method 1: Chromecast Skype Calls using Android smartphones

(1) Go to the Control Centre and tap on the Cast or ScreenCast icon. The name of the icon varies with the brand.

Cast icon

(2) Now, your smartphone will look for a Chromecast device. When it is detected, click on it.

(3) The entire smartphone screen will be mirrored to your Chromecast. Open Skype and make a call.

(4) It will appear on your TV. But for audio and video, you need to use your smartphone.

(5) If you want to stop the mirroring, click the Cast icon again and tap on Disconnect.

Method 2: Chromecast Skype Calls using iOS smartphones

For iOS devices, you need to install Chromecast Streamer from the App Store.

(1) Open the Chromecast Streamer app, it will search for your Chromecast.

Chromecast Skype

(2) When it is detected, click on the device.

(3) On the next screen, tap on the Screen Mirror option.

Chromecast Skype

(4) Now, click the Tap on Screen Mirroring button to start the screen mirroring.

Chromecast Skype

(5) Then, open the Skype app and make a call.

(6) It will appear on your TV. Same as Android, you need to use your iOS device for audio and video.

(7) To stop the mirroring, click the Mirroring button on the Chromecast Streamer app.

Method 3: Chromecast Skype Calls from PCs

For this method, you need to install the Chrome web browser with its latest version.

(1) Open the Chrome browser and make a right-click on your mouse.

Cast option

(2) Choose the Cast option.

Chromecast Skype

(3) Now, your Chromecast device will appear. Click the Sources drop-down button and choose the Cast tab option.

(4) Then, go to the Skype website and log in with your account, Make a call.

(5) It will appear on your TV. If you want to use the Skype app on your PC, click the Cast desktop option instead of the Cast tab and open the Skype app.

(6) When you are finished with your Skype call, click the Cast icon on the Extensin bar and tap on the Chromecast device to stop the casting.

Use any one of the above methods to Chromecast Skype calls by screen mirroring feature. Don’t forget to connect the device to the same WiFi network as Chromecast. if you have any difficulties in the above steps, tell us in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you chromecast Skype?

Yes, you can. But only through screen mirroring. The built-in Cast icon is not available on the platform.

2. How do I mirror my iPhone to my TV using chromecast?

Your only option is to use the Chromecast Streamer app. The app has a free trial for a week and has a subscription price of $4.99 per month. The lifetime pack is $17.99.