Chromecast Slideshow: How to Cast using Android, iPhone, & PC

Google Chromecast is a casting device that streams the content you choose on a TV. If you are in a meeting and if you wish to see your slides on the TV, then you can use Chromecast to cast Slideshow. You can Slideshow is not compatible with casting, but still, you can use other techniques to cast Slideshow on your TV using Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Chromecast Slideshow

Here are different ways to cast slideshow to your TV. You can chromecast using,

  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. Android
  4. iPhone

Before proceeding, make sure you connect your Chromecast and the device from which you are casting to the same WiFi network.

Chromecast Slideshow using Windows PC

1. Open Chrome browser on your PC.

2. Right click on the screen and choose the cast option.

Click Cast

3. The browser will search for the list of devices available to cast and displays it.

Chromecast Slideshow

4. Now select the sources dropdown button and choose “Cast Desktop” option.

Chromecast Slideshow

5. A pop-up windows will open. Click “Share” to cast your entire desktop.

Click Share

6. Your entire desktop will now appear on your TV. Open the slideshow folder and select the photos which you want to add to your slide.

7. On the Menu Bar, select the Picture tools and click the Slideshow.

The slideshow you have selected will appear on the TV using Chromecast.

Chromecast Slideshow using Mac

1. With the latest version of Google chrome, you will find the cast option on the top right corner.

Chromecast Slideshow

2. On the Drop down list, select the device in which you wpuld to cast the slideshow.

3. Now select the entire screen and choose cast option.

4. The entire Mac screen will appear on TV. Select the Slideshow and start streaming on your TV.

Cast Slideshow using Android device

1. Upload the Slideshow that you like to stream to the Google Photos app.

2. On the upper right corner, you will find the Cast Icon. Tap and look into the available devices.

Chromecast Slideshow

3. Select the Device in which you would like to cast the slideshow.

4. Open the Slideshow and start presenting it on the TV.

Cast Slideshow using iPhone/iPad

using iPhone

1. Download Photo Video Cast to Chromecast mobile application from the App Store.

2. Open the app and Tap on the cast Icon. Select the Chromecast device to which you want to cast from the available Devices.

3. Now open the Slideshow and start casting it to your TV.

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The above are various methods available to cast Slideshow using your Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows PC. You can use any of the above method and start making presentations in a meeting.