How to Chromecast Smithsonian Channel to TV

Chromecast Smithsonian Channel

Smithsonian Channe is one of the American pay-TV channels that specializes in offering various documentaries and non-fiction shows under various categories. The categories include history, science, nature, aviation, culture, space, and pop culture. It is available as both live TV and on-demand services for streaming. With Smithsonian TV Everywhere, you can watch original series, documentaries, full episodes, and clips from programs. This workaround discusses how to Chromecast Smithsonian Channel.

Smithsonian Channel is compatible with the Chromecast device. So you can find the cast icon on the top-right corner of the screen while streaming. You can also get the channel as a part of the below-mentioned streaming service providers.

How to Chromecast Smithsonian Channel From Smartphone

(1) Install the Smithsonian Channel app on your Android or iOS smartphone from the Play Store or App Store.

(2) Open the Smithsonian Channel app and make sure to sign in with your pay-TV service provider.

(3) Now, ensure to connect your Chromecast device and your smartphone to the same WiFi network.

(4) Open the Smithsonian Channel app and play any of the contents you want to stream.

(5) Tap the Cast icon.

Cast icon - Chromecast Smithsonian Channel

(6) Select your Chromecast device.

(7) Now, the contents will start streaming on your TV.

How to Chromecast Smithsonian Channel From PC

(1) Open the Chrome browser on your PC.

(2) Visit the Smithsonian Channel website.

(3) Click on the Sign-in option.

(4) On the next screen, click the Select TV Provider.

TV Provider

(5) Then, choose your Service Provider.

TV Providers - Chromecast Smithsonian

(6) Now, log in with your account credentials.

(7) On the next screen, right-click and then choose the Cast option.

(8) Select Cast Tab from the Sources tab and choose your Chromecast device.

(9) Once the screen is mirrored to your TV, you can start playing the video and it will be streamed on your TV screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I Stream the Smithsonian Channel?

Smithsonian Channel can be downloaded and installed on your Android or iOS smartphones.

2. How much does Smithsonian Channel Plus cost?

The Smithsonian Channel Plus costs $4.99 per month.