How to Chromecast TED Talks Shows to TV [ 2 Ways]

Chromecast TED

TED is a non-profit organization that was founded to share ideas and talk about all the issues going on around the world. It is very unlikely that you haven’t watched or at the very least heard of a TED talk show. The platform features speakers present all around the world who talk about their experiences regarding a particular topic that has to be very much discussed in our world right now. The app has 3000+ videos in 100+ languages topics, varying from technology to philosophy to art and everything in between. We will discuss how to Chromecast TED Talks to your TV from here.

You can Chromecast TED from your PC using the Chrome browser or from your Android or iOS device by using the inbuilt cast icon on the apps. The app is free to download for both Android and iOS devices. The platform also has a web version that you can access from any browser.

Update: The TED Android app in the Play Store doesn’t include a built-in cast option since version 7 was released in November 2021. The feature was last available in version 4.5.6. So, you cannot Chromecast TED directly from your Android phone.

How to Chromecast TED

You can cast TED Talk Shows to Chromecast-connected TV in the following two ways.

Chromecast TED Talks from Android/iOS device

1. Firstly, make sure your Android/iOS device and Chromecast device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Then, download the TED Talk app on your Android/iOS device from the respective app store.

Google Play icon

AppStore icon

3. Open the TED app on your Android/iOS device and tap on the Cast icon from the top right corner of the screen.

Chromecast TED from Android/iOS device

4. Look for and select your Chromecast device from the available devices.

5. Now, you can watch TED on your Chromecast-connected screen.

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Chromecast TED from PC using Chrome Browser

1. Make sure your PC and Chromecast device is sharing the same Wi-Fi connection.

2. Go to the Official Website of TED from the Chrome browser on your PC.

Ted Official Website

3. Now, click on the Customize and Control icon, also known as the Three Dots icon, available at the top right corner.

4. Then, click the Cast option in the menu.

Cast option on Google Chrome

5. Next, select the Chromecast device from the list of available devices on the Cast tab pop-up.

6. Finally, click on the Sources drop-down and choose the Cast tab to stream to cast the TED website tab alone.

Cast Sources

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7. Once the connection is established, the TED website tab will be cast to your Chromecast connected screen. Now, play the video you want to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TED app support Chromecast?

No. The TED app doesn’t support casting. Currently, the only way to cast TED to Chromecast TV is from the Chrome browser on a PC.

Is TED free?

The platform is totally free to use as TED is a non-profit organization, and monetizing its content isn’t its primary goal.