How to Chromecast TVOne in Different Ways

TVOne is a great entertainment package that carries lifestyle series, documentaries, movies, and sitcoms. Apart from this, it telecasts behind-the-scenes clips, original content, concerts, throwback series, and content related to the series. You can get the schedules for the upcoming shows and movies. Now, you can Chromecast TVOne to your TV and can watch it on the bigger TV screen.

TVOne streams different genres of content like news, sports, entertainment programs like Bobbi Kristina, Love that Girl, ATL Homicide, Here We can Go Again, Fatal Attraction, Donnie After Dark, Justice by Any Means, and many more. As the TVOne app doesn’t have Chromecast support, you need to screen mirror the app.

Ways to Chromecast TVOne

  • From Android Smartphone
  • From iOS
  • Using PC

How to Chromecast TVOne From Android Smartphone

[1] To the same WiFi connection, connect your Android phone and Chromecast device.

[2] Open the Google Play Store and install the TVOne application.

[3]  Click the Cast icon from the Notification panel.

Click Cast- Chromecast TV One

[4] You will see the list of devices connected to the same WIFI network. From the list, select your Chromecast.

[5] Now, you see your Android phone screen will get mirrored and appear on the Chromecast.

[6] Launch the TVOne app and enjoy streaming your favorite content.

Chromecast TV One to your TV

How to Chromecast TVOne from iOS Device

[1] To the same WiFi connection, connect the Chromecast and iOS (iPhone/iPad).

[2] Then, open the App Store and install the Replica app.

[3] Now, install the TVOne app from the App Store.

[3] Now, open the Replica app and select your Chromecast device.

Choose your device

[4] Then, select the Start Broadcast option to start the mirroring.

Click Start Broadcast option

[5] The iPhone screen will get mirrored on your Apple TV.

[6] Launch the TVOne app and watch it on your bigger TV screen.

How to Chromecast TVOne from PC

[1] Open the Chrome browser from the Mac or Windows PC.

[2] Then, connect your PC and Chromecast to the same WiFi network.

[3] Go to TVOne’s official website.

[4] Select and play any of your favorite videos from the website and right-click on the screen to get the Chrome menu.

[5] From the list, select the Cast option and choose your Chromecast device.

Click Cast

[6] Then, select the Cast tab from the Source dropdown menu.

[7] Now, the TVOne tab will be cast on your TV via Chromecast.


1. Is the TVOne app free?

Yes, the TVOne app is completely free to download and it is available on both Google Play Store & App App Store.

2. What streaming service is TVOne on?

TVOne streams on Philo and Sling TV.