How to Chromecast Univision Deportes [Easy Ways]

Univision Deportes was officially renamed TUDN on July 20, 2019. Univision Deportes (TUDN) is an American Spanish Sports channel where you can watch Football and other related programs in the Spanish language. You can Chromecast Univision Deportes to your TV and can watch your favorite team’s match on the bigger TV screen.

You can directly install the TUDN (Univision Deportes) app on your Android or iOS smartphone from the store and then cast its content to your TV. Also, you can stream the channel with the PC browser to your Chromecast.

How to Chromecast Univision Deportes Using Smartphone

From Android:

[1] Open the Google Play Store and install the TUDN (Univision Deportes) app on your Android smartphone.

[2] Then, launch the TUDN app and sign in with your pay-TV service provider.

[3] Set up your Chromecast device to your TV and connect your smartphone and Chromecast to the same WiFi connection.

[5] Swipe down the Notification Panel and click the Cast option.

click Cast

[4] From the list of available devices, select your Chromecast device.

[5] Now, choose the Univision Deportes content from the app and watch it on your Chromecast.

Chromecast Univision Deportes- Stream content

From iOS:

[1] Install TUDN (Univision Deportes) from the App Store and sign in to the account.

[2] Then, to the same WiFi connection, connect your iOS and Chromecast device.

[3] Now, install the Replica app from the App Store

[4] Open the Replica app and choose your Chromecast device.

[5] Now, the iPhone screen will get mirrored on your TV.

[6] Launch the TUDN (Univision Deportes) and stream its content.

How to Chromecast Univision Deportes Using PC

[1]  Connect your Windows or Mac computer and your Chromecast to the same WiFi network.

[2] Now, launch the latest version of the Google Chrome web browser and visit the TUDN website.

[3] Then, to sign in with the participating pay-TV service provider.

[4] Choose and play any Univision Deportes videos.

[5] Right-click anywhere on the screen and choose the Cast option.

Chromecast Univision Deportes - Click Cast

[6] Select your Chromecast device and choose Cast Tab from the Sources drop-down menu.

[7] Now, the video will appear on your TV screen.


1. How can I watch Univision Deportes on the internet?

You can download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store and can stream it on your smartphone.

2. How to stream Univision Now on Roku?

Check our guide on how to install and stream Univision on Roku.