How to Change Siri Voice in iOS 14.5 [iPhone and iPad]

Change Siri Voice in iOS 14.5

iOS version 14.5 is live for your iPhone and iPad, in which you will be able to change the Siri Voices. In Android, we can change the Google Assistant voice from earlier. We got it on iOS now. iOS 14.5 users can now choose the voice tones, options to choose between the voice of male or female. Moreover, you can choose among the diverse range of voices available that also reflect the intonations like humans normal speech. This new update added several features to your Siri that includes naturalistic voice options. Let us see how to change Siri Voice in iOS 14.5.

Siri Voice in iOS 14.5

Before going any further, let us see what are the voice options available.

  • Two male voices with an American accent. One soft-spoken male-sounding (voice 1), energetic, confident male-sounding (voice 3).
  • Two female voices with an American accent. Energetic, confident female-sounding (voice 2) and default Siri sound (voice 4).
  • One male and female voice in the following accents
    • An Australian accent
    • The British accent
    • The Indian accent
    • The Irish (Ireland) accent
    • The African accent

In order to change the voice, first, you need to update your iOS to version 14.5. Make sure that you are using iOS version 14.5. If not, use the following steps to update your device.

(1) Launch Settings on iPhone.

(2) Then choose General and now choose Software Update.

Update iPhone

(3) And tap Download and Install.

Update iPhone

(4) If asked, enter the passcode.

You can also turn on automatic update iOS updates. Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Customize Automatic Updates > Then turn on Download and Install iOS updates. Your iOS will automatically download and install the latest available versions.

How to Change Siri Voice in iOS 14.5

(1) After the update, launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

(2) From the Settings screen, go to Siri and Search.

Change Siri Voice in iOS 14.5

(3) Then, tap the Siri Voice option.

Change Siri Voice in iOS 14.5

(4) Now, choose the variant you want from American, British, Australian, Irish, South African.

Change Siri Voice in iOS 14.5

(5) Tap on the voice to hear a preview saying, “Hi, I’m Siri. Choose the voice you’d like me to use.”

(6) Other than the default Siri voice, your iOS device has to download the other voices. So wait until the voice has been downloaded.

Change Siri Voice in iOS 14.5

(7) Once the voice is successfully downloaded, Siri will start responding in the selected Voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the additional features of iOS 14.5?

Airtag compatibility, unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, new emojis, battery recalibration (iPhone 11), new privacy controls, and minor bug fixes.

2. What is the latest version of iOS?

As of now (27/04/2021), iOS 14.5 is the latest version of the iPhone.