How to Chromecast Hotstar to TV [Step by Step Guide]

Chromecast Hotstar

Hotstar is the most popular media streaming with a subscription. However, some of the contents are streamed for free of cost.  Hotstar is available in India, Canada, Singapore, UK, and the US. It streams contents exclusive for these regions as well. On collaborating with Disney, it is now called Disney + Hotstar. Now let’s explore more about Hotstar on Chromecast.

Hotstar on Chromecast

To cast Hotstar on your TV, you need to cast it from your PC or smartphone. Here we shall discuss the same in easy and simple steps.

Chromecast Hotstar: From Smartphones

Step1: Firstly, turn on your TV and connect your Chromecast device. Connect the Chromecast device and your phone to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step2: Secondly, Open the Hotstar application on your phone. Don’t have one Install Hotstar from Play Store or App Store.

Step3: Next, in the bottom-right corner of the app, a Cast icon is available. Click on the icon.

Cast icon

Step4: On pressing the Cast icon, a list of available devices is shown on your screen. Choose your Chromecast device from this list.

Chromecast Hotstar

Step5: Finally, play the contents of Hotstar on your phone and enjoy it on a bigger screen.

Chromecast Hotstar: From PC

Hotstar can be cast on Chromecast from the Chrome browser of your Windows and Mac PC. To Google Chromecast Hotstar from the same, follow these steps.

Step1: Make sure to connect PC and Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step2: From the Chrome browser of your PC, go to the Hotstar website. Sign in to the same with your credentials.

Chromecast Hotstar

Step3: Next, play the contents you need. Right-click on your screen and choose the Cast option.

Cast option

Step4: This shows the list of available devices to cast the contents. All you need to do is, choose your Chromecast device from the list.

With these easy-peasy steps, you can cast Hotstar on your Chromecast-connected TVs. Enjoy the exclusive content, movie, and sports from Hotstar on your TV. Furthermore, Hotstar provides plenty of free content as well. This might include movies and series as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Hotstar work with Chromecast?

Yes, with Chromecast, you can cast the app and stream videos on your TV.

2.Can I install apps on Google Chromecast?

No, you can’t. With Chromecast, you can cast or mirror apps from your smartphone.