How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch [Easy Guide]

How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a well-received gaming console on the market. But its less storage space is its major disadvantage. It comes with only 32 GB of storage space. With few games, the storage gets full, so you have no choice left other than to delete some of the games to clear the space. You can either delete the game’s program data or delete its saved data. Deleting saved data will delete all the progress in the game. However, deleting a game will also allow you to reinstall the game if needed for later purposes. Here is the way to delete games on Nintendo Switch.

How to Delete Games on a Nintendo Switch

Follow the steps to delete games on Nintendo Switch from the Home screen.

How to Uninstall Games on Nintendo Switch

1) Go to the Home Screen of the Switch and you can see all the games that are recently played on the Nintendo Switch.

  • In the Contrast, if you have not played the game recently, find the game in All Software.

2) After selecting the game, press + button to get the options for the specific game.

Select game and press+ option

3) The game page opens, and now select Manage Software in the right panel.

4) Under Manage Software, press Delete Software.

Select Delete Software - How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch

Finally, it deletes the particular game’s data.

How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch Via Settings

You can also delete the game from Switch Settings. To do this

1) Go to the System Settings and select Data Management.

2) Hit Mange Software under Data Management.

Select manage Software - How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch

3) The screen shows a list of games with their file size. Now, select the game and click Delete Software. It deletes the particular game’s data.

Select the game to delete

Your saved data will not be deleted automatically when you delete a Nintendo Switch game. You can delete or take all your game’s saved data or you can archive them. Archiving the game will delete the game data from Switch but leaves your game saves where they are. Selecting the Archive Software will clear the space temporarily.

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How to Delete Saved Game Data off a Nintendo Switch

When you need more space, you need to delete some of the saved data from your console.

1) Select Settings from the toolbar at the bottom of the home screen.

2) In the Settings menu, choose Data Management and choose Delete Save Data.

Select Delete Save Data - How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch

3) When directed to the games list page, you have to select the game to delete its saved data.

Select any game to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch

4) After you select the game, click Delete All Save Data for This Software.

Select Delete All Save data for This Software

You can also delete the saved data for a particular profile also. Thus, deleting all Saved data will free most of the space, but you have to start the game again after redownloading it for later purposes.

To conclude, the deleted games can be downloaded at any time on the Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop. Since there is a track of all purchases that you made with the account, you will be able to redownload Switch games and resume playing.


1. Will archiving the game data lose the game progress?

No, archiving will take up the majority of the console’s space, but your saved game’s progress will remain the same. No need to start over if you download the game again in the future.

2. Will the deleted games have an icon in the Home Menu of Nintendo Switch?

No, games deleted will not have an icon on the HOME menu.

3. Where does the game data saved on the Switch?

It is stored on the Console’s System Memory. Game save data cannot be copied to a microSD card.

4. How to delete an Epic Games Account on Nintendo Switch?

To delete the Epic Games Account on the Switch, you should visit the Epic Games website and log in to your account. Then, select Account >> General Settings >> Delete Account >> Request Account Delete >> Confirm Delete Request.

5. How to delete game data on Nintendo Switch Lite?

The procedure to delete the game data on Nintendo Switch Lite is the same as on Nintendo Switch. So, you shall follow the procedure above.

6. What happens if you archive a game on Nintendo Switch?

Upon achieving a game on the Switch, you can delete the downloaded software which frees up the space while it stores the software icon on the Home screen.

7. How to delete a user on Switch?

To delete the user on Switch, you shall select the System Settings >> highlight the Users >> select the user account >> Delete User. Enter the parental control PIN if you have set it when prompted to confirm your action.