How to Jailbreak Chromecast [Working Guide]

Jailbreak Chromecast

Google Chromecast is one of the simplest devices to use. The device has no UI, no remote controls, and no app ecosystem. You can control the device with your smartphone. All you need is the Google Home app. With the app, you can do casting, mirroring, and other activities in the Chromecast. Likewise, to jailbreak the Chromecast device, you don’t need to do anything on the device. You just have to make some tweaks to your smartphones. By installing some specific apps on your smartphone, you can jailbreak your Chromecast.

Installing the Kodi app is the best way to jailbreak your Chromecast devices. Kodi is one of the fewest streaming apps that is available for Android and Windows PCs. You can cast Kodi to your Chromecast with all these devices.

Pre Requisite

  • Install the Kodi app on your device from the website.
  • Connect the casting device to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast.
  • Install streaming add-ons on the Kodi app.
  • For PCs, the latest version of the Chrome browser is needed.
  • Active internet connection.

What is Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is the process of removing or deleting the software restrictions in the device. In Chromecast, there is no OS nor any software restriction to remove the restrictions. In order to get free streaming, you can install Kodi on your smartphone and cast the videos to your Chromecast. This is termed as jailbreaking of Chromecast. Most of the iOS users jailbreak their devices as there are many limitations in the device.

Procedure to Jailbreak Chromecast Using Kodi

(1) On your Android smartphone, go to the Quick Access menu and choose the Cast option.

Cast icon

(2) Your smartphone will search for nearby casting devices. When your Chromecast is detected, click on it.

Jailbreak Chromecast

(3) Now, your entire smartphone screen will appear on your TV.

(4) Open the Kodi app and stream any video content. It will appear on your TV.

You can also mirror the Kodi app from your PCs too. For that, you need the latest version of the Chrome browser. To get detailed, see our article on how to Chromecast Kodi in different ways.

Jailbreak your Chromecast device with the Kodi app. As the Kodi app is not available for iOS devices, you can’t do the jailbreaking process using your iPhone and iPad. For now, install the Kodi app on your Android smartphone or PC and get to stream free movies on Chromecast. If you have difficulties or if you want to know more, tell us in the comments section.

Without jailbreaking Chromecast, you can get to cast many streaming apps from your smartphone or PC. Check our list of best Chromecast apps for Android, iOS, and PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a Chromecast be jailbroken?

Yes, with your smartphone or PC, you can jailbreak the Chromecast device.

2. Can I watch free movies on Chromecast?

With the Kodi app, you can cast free movies and series on your Chromecast.

3. What channels do you get on Chromecast?

Any apps & channels on your smartphone and PC can be cast to your Chromecast device.