How to Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch [Easy Guide]

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

With the advent of iOS 14.5, we are getting a lot of exciting features like multiple variants of Siri’s voice, unlocking iPhone with your Apple Watch, Airtag compatibility, new emojis, and more. During this pandemic, each and every one of us started wearing masks. And it is becoming harder to unlock your iPhone using Face ID with your masks on. So, in the latest update, Apple resolved the issue with the Apple Watch. If your Face ID enabled iPhone detects that you are wearing a mask, it will prompt your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone. But this will work if and only if your iPhone and Apple Watch are in close proximity.

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch Prerequisites

These are the following device requirements:

  • An iPhone that uses Face ID (iPhone X or later) and should use iOS 14.5 or later.
  • An Apple Watch with Series 3 or later and watchOS 7.4 or later.
  • Your iPhone must be paired with your Apple Watch.
  • Both iPhone and Apple Watch need to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on.
  • Your Apple Watch needs to have a passcode, and the wrist detection must be turned on.
  • The Apple Watch needs to be on your wrist and must be unlocked.
  • And you need to be wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth.

How to Enable Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch Feature

(1) Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

(2) On the Settings screen, tap Face ID and passcode.

Enable Apple Watch to unlock iPhone

(3) Then, type your passcode.

(4) Now, scroll down to Unlock with Apple Watch section.

(5) Enable the toggle by tapping it.

Enable Apple Watch to unlock iPhone

(6) Tap on Turn on in the pop-up message to confirm the selection.

Enable Apple Watch to unlock iPhone

How to Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

(1) Make sure that you are wearing a mask.

(2) Wear your Apple Watch on your wrist and unlock it.

(3) Now, glance at your iPhone to unlock it.

(4) Your iPhone will detect the mask and unlock your iPhone. The unlocked notification will be sent to your Apple Watch.

(5) Slide up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to begin using the device.

(6) If it is not done by you, you can tap the Lock iPhone on the Apple Watch to lock your iPhone. The next time when you try to unlock your iPhone after tapping this button, your iPhone will prompt you to enter your passcode.

Lock iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use your Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone?

Yes, of course, you can unlock your iPhone with your Apple Watch after the new update (iOS 14.5)

2. What are the other new features in iOS 14.5?

Other new features like Siri voice change, new emojis, privacy features, and some minor fixes.