How to Fix iPhone Not Connecting to Chromecast

Is your iPhone not connecting to Chromecast?

The article will guide you to resolve errors when your iPhone is not connecting to Chromecast. With the Google Home app on your iPhone and a Chromecast device, you will be able to stream all the apps from your iPhone to a TV or other display. When everything is set perfectly, and yet your iPhone is not connecting to Chromecast, then it may be frustrating. But the prevailing issues are easily fixable. Chromecast is one fascinating invention from Google, which is just a small dongle to make your streaming effortless. It is not necessary for you to have the internet on your TV or streaming app subscription plans for TV. Any display with an HDMI port can be used to stream apps from your phone or tablet with the help of the Chromecast. It also saves a lot on your expenses, because you will be spending only once to get the device.

iPhone not connecting to Chromecast

Why your iPhone is not connecting to Chromecast?

Here comes the common list of issues you may face while connecting your iPhone to Chromecast.

[1] You need to connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network. Because Chromecast will work on devices connected to Wi-Fi. So, ensure the internet connection is stable and robust.

[2] Another most important thing is that you should connect both your iPhone and Chromecast to the same network. You can check the Wi-Fi network of your Chromecast device on the top of your TV screen. It will also help you identify if the connection is established to Wi-Fi.

[3] Unplug the Chromecast from the HDMI port of your display device and then reconnect the Chromecast to the HDMI port.

[4] Check if your HDMI port is in working condition. If there is no problem with your Chromecast device or the HDMI port, you will get the Chromecast home screen on your display.

[5] Your iPhone must support a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection to connect with Chromecast. Only then the Google Home app will be able to find the Chromecast.

Try connecting iPhone to Chromecast through Google Home app

[6] From your Google Home app, check for Chromecast updates. It may be the reason for your iPhone not connecting to Chromecast. To resolve it, you need to update your Chromecast regularly.

[7] Check if your Google Home app is updated. If not, update your Google Home app. Also, ensure your iPhone runs with iOS 14.0 or later. If not, update your iPhone to the latest version.

Stream Chromecast from iPhone

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If you cannot predict the problem, or none of these solutions fixes your connectivity issue, you can get support from Google Chromecast. Above all, you need to create a Google Home account and link it properly with a Google account to establish a connection with Chromecast. There are many wondering if Google Chromecast will work on their iPhones. But the iPhone and Chromecast are good to work with each other, except that you cannot cast iTunes to Chromecast. You will need some external software to cast iTunes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Disney Plus not connecting to Chromecast on iPhone?

Disney Plus supports casting, and therefore, the problem might be something else. The common things to try while your Disney Plus is not connecting to Chromecast are your Wi-Fi connection, Disney Plus’s server, clear Chromecast’s cache, and update your Disney Plus app. And the other suggestion is Disney Plus struggles to find devices with special characters in their name. So make sure you do not have any special characters in your Chromecast’s name.

Why is Hulu not connecting to Chromecast from iPhone?

Check your Wi-Fi network and the connection on both iPhone and Chromecast. You can update your Hulu app and Chromecast. Try re-logging into your Hulu account. Also, clear Chromecast’s cache once in a while. Similarly, always give a simple name to your Chromecast. Sometimes the problem may also be with the video you are playing. So try playing another one from Hulu.

Why Chromecast won’t connect to iPhone?

It may be due to the network connectivity issue or the updated version of the Chromecast or iPhone.

Can I fix iPhone not working with the Chromecast issue?

Yes. You can follow the fixes given in this article to best fix the issue.

Can I use Chromecast with iPad?

Yes. You can use Chromecast with the iPad like iPhone. It is vital to establish a connection using the Google Home app.