How to Install Kodi on Nvidia Shield TV [2 Easy Ways]

Kodi on Nvidia Shield TV

Installation of Kodi on Nvidia Shield is an added advantage for those looking for an ultimate TV streaming experience. Kodi is the all-in-one option to watch all of the entertainment content, from shows to movies and more. While it doesn’t include any media, it does support playing almost all the media on almost any device. It features lots of addons, and thus, you can customize and get personalized entertainment. As the Nvidia Shield TV runs on Android OS, Play Store will be pre-installed with it. Kodi is officially available on the Google Play Store for all Android devices. Using the Play Store, you can install the Kodi app on your Nvidia Shield Pro.

How to Install Kodi on Nvidia Shield

Quick Guide: On Shield TV, select Apps >> click Get more apps >> select Search icon >> search for Kodi and select it >> click Install >> select Open.

(1). Power on your Nvidia Shield TV and connect it to your home WiFi.

(2). While on its home screen, select the Apps icon.

Select Apps

(3). On the following window, select the Get more apps option.

Click on Get more apps

(4). Google Play Store will open. Navigate to select the Search icon available at the top-right portion of the screen.

Click on Search icon

(5). Using the on-screen keyboard, type Kodi. Alternatively, you shall also voice-search the same as Shield Remote has microphone support.

(6). When you see the suggestions, select the Kodi app tile.

Search and Select Kodi

(7). On the information screen, click on the Install button.

Click Install

(8). Allow the download process of Kodi to end on your Nvidia Shield.

Downloading Kodi on Nvidia Shield

(9). If you get the Open button in place of Install, then click on the Install button to launch the Kodi app on Shield TV.

Launch Kodi

Alternate Way to Install Kodi on Nvidia Shield TV

You can sideload Kodi on Nvidia Shield Pro using the Downloader app. You can follow the same procedure as that of Kodi installation to get the Downloader app. Make sure to search and select Downloader (Use the keyword Downloader in place of Kodi)


After Kodi is sideloaded, you shall need to enable Unknown Sources on the Nvidia Shield settings.

(1). On your Nvidia Shield home screen, choose the Gear icon (Settings) option.

(2). Select Security & restrictions from the extended pane of settings.

Security & Restrictions

(3). Highlight the Unknown Sources option to proceed further.

Unknown Sources

(4). Now, select the slider next to Downloader to allow installing a third-party app from it.

Choose Downloader - Kodi on Nvidia Shield

Steps to Sideload Kodi on Nvidia Shield

Upon enabling Unknown Sources, you shall learn the sideloading steps of Kodi using Downloader.

(1). On the home screen of Shield TV, click on the Apps tile.

(2). Select the Downloader app.

(3). Accept the series of prompts to proceed further.

(4). Click on the URL field on the home screen of the Downloader app.

Select URL Field

(5). Type the Kodi apk download link as and press the Go button.

(6). The apk file will be downloaded.

(7). Once after the download, you will get the following screen. Select Install.

Select Install - Kodi on Nvidia Shield

(8). With the App installed notification, click on the Open button or Done button to end the Kodi app download.

Click Open - Kodi on Nvidia Shield

How to Use Kodi on Nvidia Shield

(1). From the home screen of Nvidia Shield, select the Apps tile.

(2). Navigate to find and click on the Kodi icon among the list of installed apps.

Choose Kodi - Kodi on Nvidia Shield

(3). Click on the Continue button for all the pop-ups.

Select Continue - Kodi on Nvidia Shield

(4). Select the Allow option if Kodi prompts you to access your device and media.

Click Allow - Kodi on Nvidia Shield

(5). Allow the Kodi app to prepare for the first time.

Preparing for Startup - Kodi on Nvidia Shield

(6). The main screen of the Kodi app will appear on your Nvidia Shield.

Home Screen of Kodi on Nvidia Shield

(7). You shall select the respective options on the left pane to add media to the Kodi app.

We hope that was a useful section to you in dealing with the Kodi app on Shield. Thus, you can stream as well as access your media content, customize the Kodi appearance, and do more on the big screen. Since Kodi deals with third-party addons and builds, you are recommended to use a trusted VPN connection. You can even try Plex on Nvidia Shield TV as the best alternative to Kodi.

Other Supported Devices

You can access the Kodi app on different devices, and you shall click on the links to install it on the respective devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kodi safe and legal to use on Nvidia Shield?

Yes. Kodi is a safe app to use on almost any device, including Nvidia Shield. Although it is available officially, it might bring in copyright-protected contents.

Can I customize Kodi?

Yes. You can customize Kodi’s appearance by selecting System > Appearance > Skin > Get More. You shall now browse through the skins to choose one.

Can you jailbreak Nvidia Shield TV?

Yes. You can jailbreak Nvidia Shield TV with the help of the Kodi app.

How to update Kodi on Nvidia Shield?

To update Kodi on Shield TV, you shall launch the Play Store >> My Apps >> Kodi >> Update.