Nintendo Switch Won’t Charge | Possible Fixes

Nintendo Switch Won't Charge

Nintendo Switch is one of the popular gaming consoles where you can play unlimited games. Like other devices, the Nintendo Switch also runs out of battery. There are many reasons why your Nintendo switch won’t charge, and the cause may range from minor problems like cable issues or dust to major problems. Before reaching the Nintendo center or changing the charger, you can first try out some troubleshooting fixes to see if you can get your device to charge again. Here are the troubleshooting tips to be followed if your Nintendo switch won’t get charged.

How to Fix the Nintendo Switch Not Charging

Try out the below troubleshooting fixes one after the other if you’re Nintendo switch won’t charge. Any of the methods will help you to fix the problem.

Wait for a While

Nintendo Switch Won't Charge - wait for while

When the Nintendo switch does not get charged, don’t get frustrated. Be patient and wait for a while. Try after some time and if it still does not get charged, then try the below fixes.

Reset the AC Adapter

Reset the Ac adapter

Resetting the AC adapter will help you in fixing the problem. Initially, unplug the AC adapter from the socket and wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Now, re-plug the AC adapter back into the socket and connect the Switch to the charging cable. Now, wait for 30 minutes and see if the Nintendo Switch is getting charged.

Examine the Charging Port

Make sure that your Nintendo Switch charging port is in good condition. Due to repeated use, sometimes the charging port might get damaged. So double-check whether the charging port is clean and not damaged. If damaged, you need to repair it.

Reset the Switch

Resetting the Nintendo Switch will also the another best solution and also a simple troubleshooting fix. Press the Power button for about 12-15 seconds and release the button. Now, press the power button again to turn on the console. Now, see if the Nintendo Switch charges.

Update the Switch

Nintendo Switch Won't Charge - update system software

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When your Switch isn’t running with the latest update, then it will also create a problem in charging. So, update the system software.

  • In the home menu, press the System Settings.
  • Next, click the System option
  • Select System Update.
  • The Switch will start to update.
  • After the update, check if the problem is fixed.

Safe Mode and Soft Reboot

  • Press the Power button for 15 seconds to start the console in safe mode.
  • Now, hold the Volume Up + Volume down + power button altogether.
  • Now, charge the console and see if it works. Most of the time, this will work.

Bonus: Try Out These Simple Fixes

  • Try using a different charging method. If you’re using the cable to charge, then try using the dock and vice versa.
  • See if the cables you’re using are in good condition and work properly. If not, use another USB-C cable to charge the switch.
  • If your outlet is not working or damaged, then the switch won’t get charging. So try switching to a different power outlet.
  • Sometimes, if the charging port has dust or dirt, there will be problems with charging. So clean the charging port using the alcohol and leave it dry for a few minutes.
  • When nothing works, try contacting the Nintendo Switch help center.

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Why is my Nintendo Switch not charging when it’s dead?

Check whether the AC adapter works properly. Also, ensure to use the good condition power outlet and USB cable.

How do I clean a charging port on a Switch?

You can use soft cotton to clean the dust. Use the needle or toothpick and wrap the piece of cotton on the end and clean the charging port slowly.

How do I make sure my Nintendo Switch is charging?

When you charge the Switch, you will see the flash of light that appears near the battery symbol.

Does Nintendo Switch charge in the car?

Yes. You can charge Nintendo Switch in the car with the help of the USB Power Delivery car charger.

How to fix the Nintendo Switch that won’t charge or turn on?

You can reset the AC adapter by unplugging it and letting it rest for 30 seconds. Hard reset the Switch by holding the power button from the top-left of the console for 20 seconds. Then, use the power button to turn on the console.

How to fix Nintendo Switch Lite won’t charge?

Try the same fixes listed for Switch to fix the issue on the Nintendo Switch.

How can I do Nintendo Switch charge port Repair?

You can either solder off the USB-C charging port or replace it with a new one just like the original one.

How long is the Nintendo Switch charge time?

It takes 3 hours to get fully charged or when the console is turned off or in sleep mode. However, the time may exceed if the Switch is in use.

What to do when Nintendo Switch won’t charge and show no battery icon?

You can hard reset the Nintendo Switch by holding the Power button for 12 seconds and then power it on by pressing the power button.

Why Nintendo Switch won’t charge?

The reason for the issue might vary, and it can be fixed by resetting the Switch. In addition, the fuse may be burnt, or the USB-C charging port might have been damaged or become dirty.