How to Cast Sky News to Chromecast Connected TVs

Sky News is a news channel that streams live events, news, expert analysis, eyewitness reports, and opinion. With the Sky News app, you can get the notification about the breaking news, headlines and live stories. You get the news from different streams like sports, politics, business, ocean rescue, science, and technology. Sky News can be cast on the TV screen. Let us see how to Chromecast Sky News on the TV.

You can read the news in dark mode and even offline. Moreover, using the easy navigation tool, you can easily pick the news that you are looking for. In addition to that, the Sky News app is available on podcasts where you can listen to the daily radio news like backstage, all-out politics, behind the headlines, and more.

How to Chromecast Sky News Via Android

Make sure to connect the Chromecast and Android device to the same Wi-Fi connection.

[1] First, download the Sky News app on your Android device from Google Play Store.

[2] After installing, login to your Sky News account.

[3] Click the Notification tab by dragging the phone screen down.

[4] In the list option, click the Screen Cast icon then, choose your Chromecast device.

Chromecast Sky News - click screen cast

[5] Now, open the Sky News app and start to stream it on your TV screen.

How to Chromecast Sky News Using iPhone

[1] Open the App Store and download the Sky News and Chromecast Streamer app on your iPhone.

[2] Then, open the Chromecast Streamer app and click the Cast option.

[3] Select your Chromecast device and click the Screen cast option.

[4] On the next screen, select the Start mirroring.

[5] Now, click the Start Broadcasting option to begin mirroring.

Chromecast Sky News - click start broadcasting

[6] Finally, log in to the Sky account and start to watch the Sky News on your TV from your iPhone.

How to Chromecast Sky News via PC

[1] Go to the Sky News official website on Chrome browser.

[2] Right-click on the screen and choose the Cast option.

Chromecast Sky News- click cast

[3] Select your Chromecast device from the list.

[4] Now, click on the Sources option from the drop-down and then click Cast Tab.

[5] Once done, log in to your account and start to watch Sky News. It will appear on the Chromecast.

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1. Can I Chromecast Sky News?

Yes, you can cast the Sky News video to your Chromecast device.

2. How do I get the Sky News on Google Home?

Select the Google Home app and click the More Settings > Service > News button, and enable the Sky News app.