How to Get Spotify Free Trial for 3 Months

Spotify Free Trial

Spotify is a famous music and podcast streaming service with users worldwide. It is a free music streaming platform that features music for every mood, activity, and genre. You can find music from the artist as per your choice and in different languages. Apart from listening only to songs, it has plenty of podcasts and online radios. Recently, many online streaming services stopped their free trial. In this article, you can find out whether Spotify offers a free trial for new users to experience the features and services.

What is Spotify

Spotify is one of the most easily affordable and popular music streaming services. You can listen to songs in genres like Indie, Folk, Disco, Pop tunes, R’n’B, Soul, and many more. Additionally, you can listen to podcasts, make collaborative playlists, and many more. Spotify supports more than 62 languages. If you have an account, it allows you to listen to high-quality music, and you can experience the other features. When subscribing to the premium plan of Spotify, users can enjoy advanced features such as Ad-free music listening, downloading unlimited songs and playing offline, and more. You can even change your payment method on Spotify if you have got a new payment mode.

What’s on Spotify

You can listen to the wide range of collections on Spotify. The popular classic literature titles are Stevenson: Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, Hardy: Far From The Madding Crowd, Dickens: Oliver Twist, Austen: Pride & Prejudice, Cooper: Last Of The Mohicans, Hugo: The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Dostoyevsky: Crime & Punishment, Carroll: Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, Dickens: A Tale Of Two Cities, Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby, etc. You can also listen to Vintage Radio, Comedy, NASA Missions, etc.

What is on Spotify Free Trial

Does Spotify Have a Free Trial

Spotify offers three months free trial for new users. The offer is applicable on any of the premium plans. You need to sign up for an account to get the free trial. Once the Spotify Premium free trial period ends, it automatically upgrades to your selected plan. After that, it will charge you based on your subscription package.

Spotify Free Trial

Spotify Compatible Devices

Spotify is supported on many devices. The compatible devices to listen to Spotify music are listed down. They are.

Compatible DevicesVersion
AndroidAndroid Smartphones and tablets with OS 5.0 or later
iOSiPhone, iPad, and iPod with iOS 13 or higher with 250 MB of free storage
WindowsWindows 7 or above
MacOS X 10.13 or higher: Yosemite 10.10, EI Capitan 10.11, Sierra 10.12, High Sierra 10.13. Mojave 10.14 and Catalina 10.15.
SpeakersSonos, Google Home, Amazon Speakers, and many more.
Smart TVsAmazon Fire TV, Samsung TV, and other Android Smart TVs.
Gaming consoleXbox One, Sony PlayStation 3, and PS4.
CarsBMW, Jaguar land Rover, Volvo, MINI, GMC, Cadillac, Waze, and Apple CarPlay supported cars and Auto-compatible cars.

Subscription Plans and Pricing of Spotify

You can choose from any of the membership plans of Spotify.

  1. Individual
    • It costs around $9.99 per month
    • You can listen to Ad-free music
    • You can download and play it offline anywhere
    • It has on-demand playback
  2. Duo
    • Priced at $12.99 per month
    • It offers Ad-free music, plays offline, on-demand playback
    • You can add two user profiles under one primary account.
  3. Family
    • The cost starts at $15.99 per month.
    • It also offers Ad-free music and plays offline and on-demand playback.
    • Additionally, you can have a separate app for kids called Spotify Kids
    • You can have 6 user profiles with one account.
  4. Student
    • It costs around $4.99 per month
    • Only one account is allowed
    • You can have Ad-free music, plays offline, and on-demand playback on this plan
    • Allows you to add the Add-Ons like SHOWTIME AND Hulu Ad-supported plan.
Subscription Plans and Pricing of Spotify

How to Get Spotify Free Trial

Follow the step-by-step guidelines below to get the three months free trial offered by Spotify.

[1]. On your preferred web browser, visit

[2]. Tap on the Get 3 months free button from the bottom of the screen.

Tap on the Get 3 months free button

[3]. Click on Sign Up For Spotify button at the bottom.

Tap Sign up for Spotify button

[4]. Select any one of the following.

  • Sign up with Facebook: Enter your email address associated with your Facebook account.
  • Sign up with Google: Enter your Google account credentials and then tap login.
  • Sign up with your Email Address: Enter your email address, password, username, etc., in the required fields.
Select any one of the signing method

[5]. Read the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy of Spotify.

[6]. After all, hit the Sign-up button at the bottom.

 hit the Sign-up button

That’s it. You can now listen to your favorite music on Spotify.

How to Cancel Spotify Free Trial

You must cancel the premium subscription or free trial associated with your account when you want to stop using the service and stop paying for it before the free trial ends. To do so, follow the procedure given below.

[1]. Log in to your Spotify account.

[2]. Select Subscription from the menu list.

[3]. Tap on Your Plan and then select the Change Plan option.

[4]. Scroll down and select Spotify Free and at the bottom right-hand side, tap on the Cancel Premium button.

Tap on the Cancel Premium button.

[5]. Click on the Yes, Cancel button to confirm the cancelation.

Click on the Yes, Cancel button to cancel Spotify Free Trial

[6]. Click Yes again.

You have successfully canceled your Spotify free trial subscription. If you have changed your mind about reactivating your Spotify account subscription. Then it is possible to do that anytime.

Is Spotify Worth

Undoubtedly, Spotify is one of the best music streaming platforms, and it is worth more than any other music streaming service. Compared with other music streaming services such as SoundCloud and Pandora, you can listen to more songs in different languages. It allows users to create their playlists with their favorite songs on Spotify, and you can share the playlist with anyone, like friends and family. If you would like to listen to the best audiobooks, you may also check out if you can get Audible Free Trial for 30-days or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a Spotify free trial for 6 months?

No, Spotify had stopped its 6-months free trial.

2. Can I get a Spotify premium free trial?

Yes, you can avail the Spotify Premium free trial for about 3 months.

3. How to cancel Spotify’s free trial?

Follow the steps given above to cancel your Spotify free trial at any time and anywhere.

4. How long is Spotify Free Trail?

Spotify offers its free trial for 3 months with a premium subscription.

5. Is Spotify’s free trial of 90 days still available?

Currently, the 90-day free trial is not available on Spotify.

6. Can Spotify free trial for students available?

Yes. Like any other users, students can avail Spotify free trial.