How to Listen to Spotify on Samsung Smart TV

Spotify on Samsung TV

Music listening isn’t limited to smart TV models as long as you have Spotify. It is available for Samsung TV models, and thus users can listen to more than 50 million songs and podcasts. It lets you listen to music by the artists you love in the language of your choice. Spotify on Samsung TV has music for every mood and activity of yours.

Spotify is available for free of cost. If you want to access its subscription-based service (ad-free), then get Spotify Premium that costs $12.99.

Procedure to Install Spotify on Samsung Smart TV

Spotify app is available for most of the latest Samsung smart TV’s (2015 and later models) based on the Tizen OS.

(1). Select Apps by pressing the Smart Hub button of the Samsung TV remote.

 Select Apps

(2). Navigate on the Recommended section to choose the Samsung Apps tile.

 Samsung Apps

(3). Click on the Search field available at the left pane and key in as Spotify.

Search for Spotify on Samsung TV

(4). When the list of search results appears, select the Spotify app.

 Select Spotify

(5). On its information screen, select the Download button to install it.

Download Spotify on Samsung TV

(6). After the download, highlight the Run button to launch Spotify on Samsung television.

Run Spotify on Samsung TV

(7). You shall log in to your Spotify account or Spotify Connect to start listening to your personalized music tracks.

Procedure to Remove Spotify on Samsung Smart TV

If you don’t want to use Spotify on Samsung smart TV, then you shall delete it any further.

(1). Press the Home button and wait for the home screen menu to appear on Samsung TV.

(2). Choose the Apps option to select the Settings icon from the top-right portion of the screen.

(3). Highlight Spotify app tile and select the Delete option.

(4). When prompted, click on the Delete option once again to confirm your action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t Spotify on my Samsung Smart TV?

Some Samsung Smart TV won’t support the app. In that case, the Spotify app will be missing or can’t be found on your Samsung Smart TV.

Is it possible to download songs on Spotify?

Yes. If you have a premium subscription, then Spotify lets you download songs, playlists, albums, and podcasts for offline listening.