Is There a Vidgo Free Trial for 30-Days Available?

Vidgo Free Trial

Vidgo is the popular and latest entrant into the live TV streaming market. It was launched in December 2019 and is only available in the United States and its territories. Vidgo doesn’t involve any additional equipment or contracts to stream the content. You can simply download and install the Vidgo app on your supported devices and pay month-to-month. While Prime Video offers a 30-day free trial, it is obvious for anyone to look for a free trial before buying a Vidgo subscription plan. So that users can decide whether the streaming service works for them or not. You can find out whether the Vidgo free trial is still available or not. Also, check the subscription plans & pricing, and other features in this article.

What is Vidgo

Vidgo is one of the cheaper live TV streaming service providers when compared to Sling TV, AT&T TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu. It is the best app to stream live TV that covers news, sports, and entertainment. In addition, you can watch classic hits, blockbuster movies, and new releases. Vidgo features more than 110+ channels and 14000 movies and shows. The service adds more than 100 hours of content every day.

What’s on Vidgo

Whats on Vidgo

In Vidgo, you can watch channels or content in English or Spanish language. Subscribed users can stream up to 150+ channels. The channels include A&E, ESPN, FS1, Discovery, Cartoon Network, Paramount Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, Cheddar, MTV, TLC, Lifetime, and many more. So, you can watch on-demand movies, series, documentaries, kids’ entertainment content, sports, news, live TV programs, shows, etc.

Does Vidgo have a Free Trial

Earlier, Vidgo offered a 3-day free trial for new users. Later, they extended it to 7-days since the users are finding it difficult to cancel the service within three days via email. As of now, Vidgo stopped its free trial for new subscribers. The service ended up on the 13th of April 2022. So the new users cannot avail the free trial of Vidgo. They should purchase a subscription plan to watch their favorite channels on Vidgo.

Vidgo Subscription Plans & Pricing

Vidgo has three variable subscription plans. They are listed below.

  1. Vidgo English Plus Package – costs $59.95 per month, and it includes 95+ channels.
  2. Vidgo English Premium Package – Costs $79.95 per month, and it includes 150+ live channels
  3. Spanish Mas Package – Priced $29.95 per month, and it includes 45+ live channels & on-demand.

With every package, you will get 20 hours of free DVR cloud storage to record the content, and you watch them offline for the first 90 days.

Vidgo Compatible Devices

Vidgo is supported on many devices, such as

How to Sign Up for a Vidgo Account

Users must sign up for a Vidgo account to activate the subscription plan.

[1]. Initially, open your preferred web browser on your computer or Smartphone. Then visit Vidgo’s official page.

[2]. Tap the Get Started button on the home screen.

Tap Get Started - Vidgo Free Trial

[3]. Choose the subscription plan as per your choice and tap the Sign Up Now option.

Choose the subscription plan - Vidgo Free Trial

[4], Fill out personal details like Name, Email Address, and phone number, and then create a password. Also, provide the billing details.

Fill the required details - Vidgo Free Trial

[5]. Finally, tap Submit button.

[6]. Now, open your email account that is registered with the Vidgo account and open the mail sent by Vidgo.

[7]. Click on the Verification link to activate your account.

That’s it. You can now watch your favorite content on Vidgo.

How to Cancel Vidgo Subscription

Users can cancel the subscription plan when they feel that the cost is too expensive. Follow the steps given below to cancel the subscription to Vidgo.

[1]. Go to on your web browser

[2]. Sign in to your account using Vidgo account credentials.

[3]. Navigate to the My Account dashboard.

[4]. Click the Cancel Subscription option.

[5]. Tap Cancel to confirm your cancellation.

[6]. You can go ahead to leave Feedback.

[7]. You will get the confirmation mail from Vidgo regarding your cancellation.

Once the process is completed, the Autopay feature will be automatically disabled. But the subscription plan will run till the billing period it came to an end. After cancellation, you will no longer be charged for your subscription, and you will not be able to stream content on Vidgo via the official website or app. You can also call at 1-877-743-9400 (U.S) or 1-937-585-0559 (international) to cancel your account. Otherwise, you can send the deletion request email to [email protected].

Is Vidgo Worth

Vidgo is worth more than any other streaming services like YouTube TV, Sling TV, Hulu, DirecTV Stream, and many more. The cost of the subscription plan is also less. So Vidgo is said to be a cost-effective streaming service. The only disadvantage for new subscribers is they dont have the free trial feature. And it is a geo-restricted service and is only available in the U.S. However, you can enable VPN to access the service in your region. By subscribing to the Vidgo service, you can save some bucks when compared to other streaming services. Here you have no contracts and no hidden fees to watch 110+ live TV channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Vidgo Free?

Vidgo stopped its free trial on April 13, 2022.

2. How to cancel Vidgo free trial?

Since there is no free trial available with Vidgo, so the users cannot cancel it. However, users can cancel the service subscription.

3. Can I get Vidgo free trial for 3 days?

No, 3-day free trial is not available on Vidgo.

4. Is Vidgo’s 7-day free trial still available?

Currently, Vidgo’s free trial 7-day offer for new users isn’t available.

5. How long is Vidgo Free Trial?

Vidgo free trial is no longer available.

6. How can I get the one-month free trial on Vidgo?

Recently, Vidgo cuts off all the free trials. Users can only access the content when they subscribe to a plan.

7. Is Vidgo one month free trial available?

No. The service does not offer any free trial.