How to Install & Watch YouTube TV on Apple TV [All Devices]

YouTube TV on Apple TV
YouTube TV on Apple TV

YouTube TV is one of the popular live and on-demand streaming platforms in the USA. With YouTube TV, you can get all the live news and latest video contents with a subscription tag of $49.99. Most of the Google apps are available for Apple TV. YouTube TV is not an exception. You can easily install the YouTube TV on Apple TV as the application is available on the App Store.

Both YouTube and YouTube TV is available on the App Store. Don’t get confused with the two apps. YouTube is a video sharing platform that is available for free whereas YouTube TV is a subscription-based streaming platform.

Procedure to Install YouTube TV on Apple TV

(1) On your Apple TV, go to App Store.

App Store

(2) Search for YouTube TV in the search bar.

Note: YouTube TV app is only available in the USA.

(3) Click the Install button on the next screen to install the app.

(4) When the YouTube TV app is installed, click the Open icon to launch the app.

Procedure to Activate YouTube TV on Apple TV

(1) Open the YouTube TV app and sign in with your subscribed account. It will show you the activation code.

(2) Now, on your web browser, go to the YouTube TV Activation link,

(3) Enter the activation code and click the Next button.

YouTube TV on Apple TV

(4) On the next screen, you will get the Device connected confirmation. Now, the YouTube TV app will show you all the live and on-demand content.

YouTube TV on Apple TV

(5) Go to Live section to get the live news and the Home will show the movies & TV shows.

YouTube TV on Apple TV

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Apple TV have YouTube TV?

Yes, YouTube TV is released on the App Store on 1st Feb 2018. Since then, you can install the YouTube TV app easily from the App Store.

2. How do I download YouTube TV on my Apple TV?

You can use the above steps. If you have doubts, tell us in the comments section.

3. Why doesn’t my Apple TV have an App Store?

Only the Apple TV 4th Gen will have the App Store. You can’t install apps on previous versions of Apple TV (Apple TV 1st Gen, 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen).

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Final Words

Install the YouTube TV on your Apple TV 4th Gen and get all your favorite content and live events happening around you. If you try to install YouTube TV outside the US, the app won’t be listed on the App Store. YouTube TV is meant for US users only. Maybe in the near future, it can be released worldwide. Till then you can use a good VPN service to stream Apple Tv outside the US.