How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV

Amazon Prime on Apple TV (1)

Amazon Prime is a big hit among entertainment services across the world. It is a subscription-based streaming service made available for a variety of devices including. Of which this section is all about Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV. You can start streaming your favorite content from the ever-expanding library of movies and shows. Apart from streaming online, you can download contents to stream it offline. With Amazon Prime on tvOS, you shall rent or buy the titles. To access all its features, you shall get to know how to watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV.

Does Amazon Prime Require Prime Membership?

Yes. To watch Prime Video, you should have eligible Prime Video or Amazon Prime membership. The membership varies by country, and you could have anything between annual, monthly, 30-day free trial or Annual Amazon Prime Student membership.

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV?

You shall follow the steps given below to get Amazon Prime Video and stream it on Apple TV.

1. Turn on the Apple TV and connect it to WiFi.

2. Navigate to the App Store and select the Search option.

Select App Store
Select App Store

3. Key in the app name as Amazon Prime Video and select the same from the suggestions.

4. Highlight to select Install button to download Amazon Prime on tvOS.

Select Install button to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV
Select Install button

5. After the download, open it the app to choose Sign in and Start Watching.

6. Provide your Amazon Prime login credentials and start streaming video on tvOS.

Note: If you are using Apple TV 2 or 3, then you will find Amazon Prime pre-installed on it with the latest update.

Alternative Ways!

With AirPlay Support, you can stream Prime Video from iPhone, iPad, or Mac PC to your Apple TV. Make sure you have Apple TV 2nd generation, iOS 6 or higher, and macOS 10.11 or later for AirPlay to work.

Note: It is assumed that you have installed Amazon Prime on iOS and Mac PC. If you don’t have it, then you shall download it from the App Store and Mac Store respectively.

Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV using iPhone or iPad

1. Connect your iOS device and Apple TV to the same WiFi connection.

2. Launch Amazon Prime app from the apps section on your iOS device.

3. Choose a video and click on Watch Now button to start playing it on your Apple TV.

Click on Watch Now
Click on Watch Now

4. Now, open Control Center on iOS to click on AirPlay icon.

Tap on Screen Mirroring icon to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV
Tap on Screen Mirroring icon

5. Select the Apple TV name on the list of devices.

6. Upon successful pairing, Amazon Prime will be screen mirrored to Apple TV.

Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV using Mac

1. Open Safari browser on your Mac PC.

2. Navigate to

3. Click on Sign In button and provide the login credentials.

4. Select to stream a movie or TV show and click Watch Now on Amazon Prime Video.

Select Watch Now button
Select Watch Now button

5. Click on the AirPlay icon from the menu bar.

Click on AirPlay icon to Watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV
Click on AirPlay icon

6. Choose the Apple TV device name to start mirroring your Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is Prime Video included with Amazon Prime?

You will get a selection of Prime video titles as a part of Amazon Prime membership. However, the titles that are included with the Prime keeps changing every now and then. Besides the addition of new titles, some of them will be removed occasionally.

Can I change the Prime Video membership after the launch of Amazon Prime?

Yes. You can covert your Prime Video membership to Amazon Prime membership. With this, you will get free and fast shipping on eligible orders and access to Prime Video.

Does Prime Video Subscription supports cancellation?

Yes. You can cancel your Prime Video subscription at any time online. If you have a subscription created through the third-party provider, then you shall contact them further.