How to Stream Amazon Prime on Samsung Smart TV

Amazon Prime on Samsung Smart TV

Amazon Prime is the next most owned internet video-on-demand service. It brings in thousands of titles for every other streaming need of yours. So, you shall stream movies and shows, binge watch the critically acclaimed Amazon Prime Originals, and more. In addition to mobile platforms, Amazon Prime has extended support for most of the smart TV. This includes Samsung, a globally popular smart TV manufacturer. The compatibility of Amazon Prime on Samsung smart TV affirms the users with the perfect home entertainment. This, in turn, requires signing up for the Prime Video subscription beforehand on PC or phone. Those new users will get a 30-day free trial, and after which it costs $8.99/month.

How to Install Amazon Prime on Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung TV users can follow the procedure given below to install and access Amazon Prime.

1. Connect the Samsung TV to the internet using home WiFi or through Ethernet cable.

2. On the TV remote, press the Smart Hub button and navigate to select Apps tile.

Select Apps

3. Browse through the list of apps under What’s New or Most Popular or Videos to select Amazon Prime tile.

  • Select Magnifier icon, to further type app name as Amazon Prime. Select the same it when you get the search results.
Select Amazon Prime

4. Highlight the Install button to start downloading Prime Video app on Samsung TV.

  • This screen will show you details about the app, version, size, developer, description, screenshots, and more.
  • Some of the Samsung TV will show Download button instead of Install.

5. After the installation, select Open button on app info screen to use Prime Video app.

Procedure to Use Amazon Prime on Samsung TV

Once after the successful installation, you need to sign into Amazon Prime Video to access its features of Samsung TV.

1. Select Apps on the home screen of Samsung TV.

2. Under My Apps, scroll to choose Amazon Prime to launch it.

3. Select between Sign in and start Watching or Register on the Amazon website button.

  • Sign in and Start Watching – If you have registered your Samsung TV, then login to Amazon Prime. This requires your Amazon account details like email and password.
  • Register on Amazon website – This will show you an activation code. Now, visit on PC or Phone to enter the registration code. Press on the Register Device button.
Sign up or Login to Amazon Prime on Samsung Smart TV

4. Select or browse for a video and highlight Watch Now button to stream it on Samsung TV.

By using the above method, you can install and start streaming Amazon Prime on your Smart TV.

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1. Is Amazon Prime available on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, Amazon Prime is available on Smart Hub and you can install it on your Samsung Smart TV and start watching your favorite contents on the TV.

2. Why can’t I get Amazon Prime on my Samsung TV?

If you are using Samsung TV and not able to install Amazon Prime, then try resetting your device or update Samsung Smart TV to the latest version to get the app.

3. How do I add apps to my Samsung Smart TV?

You can install apps using Smart Hub on your TV. You can also update the apps on Samsung Smart TV using the Smart Hub as well.

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