How to Watch Amazon Prime on VIZIO Smart TV

Amazon Prime on VIZIO Smart TV
Amazon Prime on VIZIO Smart TV

Amazon Prime has been considered to be the direct competitor of Netflix as it offers the best entertainment. It has a dedicated app for almost all the popular platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, Android TV, Apple TV, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, etc. Besides this, those VIZIO TV users can also access Amazon Prime to watch and download videos. With the SmartCast feature on the recent models, VIZIO TV has ended its support of downloading apps. So, most of the VIZIO TV models come with the Amazon Prime Video app built-in. Need not worry, even if you don’t find Amazon Prime on VIZIO Smart TV. Because this article has got a better solution and you would be able to use Amazon Prime irrespective of the VIZIO TV model you own.

How to Install Amazon Prime on VIZIO Smart TV

The guidelines given below will help you manually download Amazon Prime on the VIA platform (2009-2013) and VIA Plus platform (2013-2017) models.

1. Press the V button available on the center of the remote to open SmartCast Home.

2. Browse for Amazon Prime under the Features, Latest, All Apps, and Categories tab.

Important: Highlight Connected TV Store with VIA VIZIO TV to look for Amazon Prime.

3. Select Amazon Prime and press the OK button on the remote to download it on VIZIO TV.

4. Optionally, some VIZIO TV requires you to press the Install App button.

How to Cast Amazon Prime to VIZIO TV

If your VIZIO smart TV doesn’t support installing apps manually, then you shall proceed with the casting option. It works on the models SmartCast platform with no apps (2016-2017), SmartCast platform with apps (2016-2017), and all VIZIO TVs released after 2018. Any such models will have built-in Chromecast support, and thus, you screencast Amazon Prime from the compatible casting device.

Using Amazon Prime App

Amazon Prime Video app installed on Android or iOS smartphones have a Cast option. With this, you can cast Prime Video to the VIZIO TV. If you don’t own it already, you shall download Prime Video from Play Store or App Store.

1. With home WiFi turned on, you must connect your smartphone and VIZIO TV to it.

2. Scroll to the apps section on your Phone to click on the Amazon Prime app logo to launch it.

Prime Video on VIZIO Smart TV

3. Tap on a video and click on the Play icon to start playing on the smartphone.

4. Find the Cast icon and make click on it to scan for the device.

5. Choose the VIZIO TV name to start casting Prime Video onto it.

Using Chrome Browser

Start casting Prime Video with the latest version of Chrome browser installed on your PC.

1. To begin casting, connect PC and VIZIO TV to the same internet or WiFi.

2. Launch the Chrome browser and open a tab on it.

3. Visit and log in to your account.

4. Go to the upper right section of the browser to click on three dots.

5. Select Cast from the drop-down menu.

Choose Cast

6. On Cast to pop-up, click on the down arrow to select Cast Tab.

Cast Desktop

7. Choose VIZIO TV, and the entire desktop will now screencast to VIZIO TV.

Select Chromecast

Note: Optionally, you shall install and launch the Prime Video app on your Windows PC or Mac PC. Then, launch Chrome browser >> select Menu icon >> choose Cast >> select Cast Desktop >> select Vizio TV.

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How to AirPlay Amazon Prime Video to VIZIO TV

1. Keep your iOS device and Vizio TV connected to the same WIFI.

2. Open the Amazon Prime app on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Provide your login details to log in to your Amazon account.

4. Go ahead to click on any Prime Video title to play.

5. You should now click on the AirPlay icon.

6. Select your Vizio TV to establish a connection.

7. With this, you will see the Prime Video title on your Vizio TV.

How to Watch Amazon Prime on VIZIO TV

Whether the Amazon Prime Video app is built-in or you have manually installed it, the procedure to use is the same. Make sure you have a Prime Video subscription prior to following the steps.

1. On the VIZIO TV remote, press the V button.

2. Under All Apps or My Apps, select Amazon Prime and press the OK button.

3. Select the Sign-in button to enter your Amazon Prime Video login details like email and password.

4. Discover or select a video to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime on VIZIO TV

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With Amazon Prime, VIZIO TV users can stream videos up to ultra HD quality. You can download the titles to watch them offline or stream any shows on the go with an uninterrupted internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Amazon Prime not working on Vizio Smart TV?

Amazon app on Vizio TV may not work when there is any internet connectivity issue or if the Prime Video server is down.

Can you get Amazon Prime on Vizio Smart TV?

Yes. It comes built-in on specific models, and others can get it from the app store.

How to get Amazon Prime on my TV?

You can get it installed on your TV by searching for it from the official app store.

How to Sign in to Amazon Prime on Vizio TV?

You can launch the app on your Vizio TV and click on the sign-in link to enter the log-in details to start streaming.

How to sign out of Amazon Prime on TV?

On the Prime Video app, select Settings >> Deregister Devices >> confirm the action. With this, you will be signed out of Prime Video on your TV.