How to Listen to Audible on Apple TV

Audible Apple TV

Audible is an audio entertainment service that allows you to listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive original series. It allows you to download files offline to stream them offline anytime. Audible is available at $14.95 per month with a free trial of 30 days. Though Apple TV doesn’t support the Audible app, there are other workarounds to play the audiobooks on Apple TV. Since the app is compatible with iPhones, you can screen mirror the Audible app.

How to Play Audible on Apple TV Using iPhone

For this, start by connecting your Apple TV and iOS device to the same WiFi network. And make sure that your iPhone and Apple TV are updated to their latest firmware.

1) Download and install the Audible app from the App Store on your iPhone.

2) Open the Audible app and log in with your Audible account.

3) Now, select the Audiobook that you want to play on Apple TV.

4) Go to Control Center and select the Screen Mirroring option.

Select Airplay in iOS device.

5) It will display all the available devices nearby, select your Apple TV from the device list.

Select Apple TV to mirror Audible Audiobooks playing in  iOS device to Apple TV.

6) Finally, the audiobook books playing on the iOS device will load on your Apple TV.

Cast Audible on Apple TV

If you are using Mac, you can go to the Audible website on the Safari browser and screen mirror the webpage to Apple TV. You can choose your favorite best-selling Audiobooks and podcasts from the incredible collection without any limits only on Audible.


1. Is Audible available on Apple TV?

No, the Audible app is not available for Apple TV devices.

2. How do I get Audible on my Apple Watch?

You can get the Audible app on your Apple Watch from the App Store.

3. Is Audible free with Amazon Prime?

No, Audible has a standalone subscription. It is not included with Amazon Prime.